19 People Whose Stories Can Really Stir Your Soul

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Scientists spent years trying to understand why some life stories can move us to tears, change our opinions, and even change our brains, often for the better. Turns out, that personal stories that are full of feelings switch on the bigger part of our brain. Today, we suggest that you go through many emotional journeys and dive into the pool of real-life emotions.

Here at Bright Side, we believe in the power of emotions, not words. We’ve collected 19 photos from people who lived through different moments and wanted to share their feelings with us. Let’s take a look at these powerful experiences together.

1. “Michael Jackson holding me at 9 months old.”

2. “40 years old and just had my first son this Sunday. You think you’re ready for what you’ll feel, but you have no idea.”

3. “Unconditional love. Those are my boys, before and after brain injury.”

4. “My son is recovering from a brain injury. We have a deal now. If he’s standing, I’m running.”

“He’s up to 90 minutes, and I’m down 70 lbs.”

5. “My daughter was telling me a girl at school called her shoes ‘disgusting’. A man chased us down, then this happened. Thank you stranger.”

6. “30 years old, I’m finally my true self”

7. “A picture of Elvis with my aunt Jeanette.”

8. “60 years of marriage, he never leaves her side.”

9. “My uncle delivered my cousin in the first picture & 21 years later they reenacted the scene in the second picture!”

10. “Almost two weeks after he was born, dad gets to hold baby that was 11 weeks premature.”

11. “Oh the things my uncle did for me as a kid.”

12. “63 years together. They’ve both fought long and hard, but never with each other.”

13. “My uncle and his husband finally adopted this Christmas.”

14. “Don’t call the doctor, I want to fall asleep peacefully. With your hand in mine.”

“He told her about the past, how they met — about their first kiss. They didn’t cry, they smiled. They didn’t regret, they were grateful.”

15. “My little sister getting ready for her first chemo session, she’s a tough little cookie.”

16. “My uncle passed a few weeks ago. He knew he wouldn’t make it, so he pre-ordered flowers. My aunt got these today.”

17. “From broken neck to trail.”

“My 67-year-old dad broke his neck surfing on New Year’s Day and was in this halo for almost 4 months. Today, he just finished hiking 498 miles on the Colorado Trail.”

18. “My best friend took my little brother to his senior prom, so he didn’t have to go alone. He is disabled.”

19. “My sister’s tattoo in honor of her 1-year-old son who passed away.”

Who is the person in your life that is associated with a really powerful story for you? What is the thing in your life that keeps you emotional whenever you remember it?

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