19 People With Curls That Revived Their Natural Hair and Never Looked Back

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Beauty stereotypes often define how we look. Sometimes we try to follow a fashion or style even though it doesn’t look great on us or isn’t our natural version. But now it’s time not only to accept, but also to proudly show how we are. Especially if that means putting away the flat iron and reviving our curly hair.

At Bright Side, we love to see the makeovers, and we applaud people who are courageous enough to show again their curls.

1. “Avoided straightening my hair. Haven’t straightened my hair since starting caring for the curls in July 2020.”

2. “My natural hair in 2018 vs 2022!”

3. “Wavy hair progress — finally learned how much product to use.”

4. “Before & After — I had no idea my hair had become so naturally curly (there’s zero product, just air dried after a cut and wash).”

5. “Bad hair day vs. good hair day!”

6. “Two months into following advice, and I feel great!”

7. “The advice about not touching and brushing hair after styling it in shower really does work!”

8. “I accepted my curls and no longer spend an hour every day straightening my hair.”

9. “Four years of improvement, two years of hair growth, and realizing that I have curly hair.”

10. “From a buzzcut 3 years ago to now!”

11. “Year and a half of taking care of my curls + curly cut!!”

12. “10+ years straightening, bleaching, and treating my hair badly. Curls are finally healthy now.”

13. “For about two years I’ve been trying to improve my curls. I used shampoo bar and Ecoslay matcha boost mask today.”

14. “Finally decided to start embracing my natural curls after years of forcing my hair straight.”

15. “I think scrunching in products with my head upside down really helped give more definition.”

16. “Didn’t know my hair could do this.”

17. “First time getting a curly cut! The first picture to show the before.”

18. “Before and after, plus black hair dye”

19. “It’s been a few months, and I wanted to show my progress. I never thought I could go from where I was to where I am now.”

What hair changes have you experimented with? What is your best version of yourself?

Preview photo credit FireCat115 / Reddit


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