People Are Sharing Stories About the Unique Bond Between Children and Pets and They Are Precious

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There’s no doubt that a bond between a kid and its pet is unlike any other. Having a furry friend by their side teach children responsibility, empathy and tolerance. Furthermore, studies even suggest that children get more satisfaction from relationships with their pets than with their brothers or sisters.

Bright Side believes that the bond between a child and its pet is unbreakable. Because of that, we wanted to share with you how positive an impact an animal can have on your kid.

  • In a household, cats often assume new baby is new kitten and therefore it’s their job to help care for kitten. My cats growing up were always been great with little humans. The one I still have, Claire, actually let a toddler pull her tail and only called us humans for help. No biting/scratching. They can be such sweethearts. lakeghost/reddit
  • My corgi refuses to let anyone but me go into my son’s room if he’s sleeping. sammisamantha/reddit
  • My Newfoundland would let me hang onto her while I learned to skate (ice). Her favourite thing was watching out for me and my siblings. HankBeMoody/reddit
  • The pet you grow up with from childhood and the first pet you pick out yourself are both special! Those are the two that mean the most, through companionship, although perhaps those are just the ones we need the most, as well, for support. d***slettucesalad/reddit
  • We had a Keeshond when I was born and my parents told me they had to put him into training for a while because he was too protective of me when I was a baby. When people he didn’t know would come around me, he wasn’t having it.
    Great dog to grow up with and was always protective of me, just in a much gentler way after training. JSA17/reddit
  • I had a sheepdog. She was abused and never trusted adults though she loved kids. She would occasionally herd the neighborhood kids into small, sheep like bunches and then guard them from their parents. charming_liar/reddit
  • My sister noticed her cat, Riley, biting her son. For a second (although she adored the cat) her tiger-mum instinct set in and she was incensed. Then she realised that, not only did the cat leave no wound, but the toddler didn’t cry or even squeal (although he looked taken aback). The child was simply being checked every time he accidentally mishandled the animal, and my sister realised that her cat was training her child! Sis let nature take its course and both cat and son adored each other. Plumb789/reddit
  • My parents found an orange tabby kitten two weeks before I was born. He terrorized all the neighborhood cats but he’d let me carry him around like a rag doll. Lots of great stories about that guy. TicTokCroc/reddit
  • Growing up with a cat is great. When I was born my parents had my cat for about a year. His name was Tiny. He used to chill in the crib with me. When I got a fever or became sick he would let my parents know. [deleted]/reddit
  • Not many people know what it’s like to have a animal from childhood to young adult, but it’s like having a brother or sister. eddietodd401/reddit
  • My parents rescued a Newfoundland 2 years before I was born and he was the sweetest dog. When I was learning to walk he just stood there and let me use his ears to hold as a was standing up. He always wanted to walk in between me and the gutter drain just in case I fell In. He lives to be 15 and was probably the best dog I could have asked for. 1019gunner/reddit
  • I had this type of relationship with our German Shepherd. My family had gotten her when my mom was pregnant with me, and she was truly a wonderful girl. She would let me do anything to her. I fell off the couch and landed on her and she let out welp and looked up and just went back to sleep when she noticed it was me. I was toddler so just a little thing. Her and I were the same age and it was a relationship I will remember forever. Animals are not just companions; they are family. Her_Shadowleaf/reddit
  • I was raised by a corgi who would put himself between me and anything he thought was a threat. When my parents would put me to sleep in the crib beside their bed, he’d hop on the bed and watch over me the whole time, growling at anyone who so much as peeked in the door. I was his puppy. FeltAndFurious/reddit

How did having a pet affect your childhood?

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