19 Phenomenal Things That Can Only Be Found in Iceland

5 years ago

Iceland is an island that can be found in the northern part of the Atlantic ocean. Though the name of the country means the land of ice, in reality the nature there is diverse and magical. But Iceland deserves people’s love not just because of its natural beauty. There are pretty grass roof houses, funny policemen, and cute traffic lights as well.

Bright Side put together a list of things that are absolutely common in Iceland, but they might surprise the rest of the world.

1. This water bottle on board Iceland Air is shaped like an iceberg.

2. Before landing, the airline will show you the symbol of Iceland with the cabin lights.

3. Aurora is probably one of the most beautiful things in our world.

4. Icelanders are highly patriotic.

5. There are “no poop” signs in Iceland.

6. Work signs in Reykjavik, Iceland feature a female worker.

7. And, there are different kinds of signs there.

8. Every stop light in Akureyri is shaped like a heart.

9. Crosswalks in this country can also be very different.

10. Garbage bins in Iceland have mini recycling sections.

11. There are no McDonald’s restaurants in Iceland. The last one was closed in 2009. This is the last cheeseburger sold there.

12. Have you ever seen a blue-eyed horse? You can find them in Iceland.

13. Iceland is proud of its rocks. This apartment in Iceland, for example, has 2 rocks hung up as art.

14. A cat works in one of the hotels there.

15. Krónur coins, the Icelandic currency, have national marine species on them.

16. In South Iceland, there are some geothermal areas where rye bread is baked in holes in the ground.

17. Grass roof houses can be found everywhere in Iceland.

18. In Iceland, the crime rate is very low while the local police have a really cute Instagram profile.

19. If you don’t know what souvenir to bring from Iceland, here’s an idea for you — Icelandic air in a can.

Have you ever been to Iceland? Share your thoughts about this country in the comments below.

Preview photo credit shaanxiprovince / reddit


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