19 Photos That Exceeded Their Comical Limit

2 years ago

We all know that humor is good for our health, but most of us often get caught up in our daily routine and forget to have the necessary dose of good humor. When we look at things from a positive perspective, almost any situation can become a cause for laughter.

Our Bright Side team made a brand new collection of giggle-inducing photos to boost you with some good vibes.

1. ’’Sir, if it’s not too much bother, would you care to step out of my refreshment?’’

2. ’’My son playing hide-and-seek’’

3. ’’First snow!’’

4. ’’A lady’s hairdo in the background makes it look like Chewbacca is lurking.’’

5. “My 5-year-old daughter cut holes in her socks just in case her feet get hot.”

6.’’My son was invited to a birthday party to learn ’superhero’ moves, a.k.a jujitsu. He took it very seriously.’’

7. The best part about working from home is having hilarious coworkers.

8. Would you laugh or run away screaming in terror?

9. ’’We decided to embarrass our daughter at the airport after spending 3 months away (we don’t normally dress this way).’’

10. ’’My mother made a Facebook account and this was her first message to me."

11. “Look hooman, I’m a Hawaiian sweet roll.”

12. ’’Made a He-Man cake today. Let the hubby decorate it. The likeness is uncanny.’’

13. ’’A Christmas card my grandma received’’

14. ’’People are starting to comment on how late I stay at the office.’’

15. ’’My mom’s second-grade photo from 1970 — it makes me laugh!’’

16. The new definition of ’’summer body’’

17. ’’My toddler found a white ink pad and immediately turned into Saruman.’’

18. That’s one overly-supportive dad.

19. ’’My doggo after spending 10 minutes outside then refusing to come back inside, even though he doubled his weight with snowballs.’’

Have you been lucky enough recently to catch a funny moment on camera? If you are a proud owner of such comedy gems, don’t keep it to yourself — share them with us in the comments.

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