19 Photos That Prove Dads and Daughters Have a Special Bond

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4 years ago

A father is the first man a girl sees, this is why a lot of things depend on how the relationship between these 2 develops. Very often, daughters get all the love and care from their mothers, but in order to have a healthy child, the fathers’ role is just as important. At the very least, daughters will learn how to have a great sense of humor from their fathers.

Bright Side has found 19 very illustrative examples that prove relationships between fathers and daughters are a mix of over-protection, immense love, and of course, jokes. And there is a bonus at the end of the article — which is a question many parents have a hard time answering.

1. “My 6-year-old getting ready for her date tonight, with her daddy. For the past couple of years, once a month, my husband takes her out for dessert. He brings her flowers, she borrows my eyeshadows, and picks out a dress. She looks forward to it every month.”

2. “I asked my dad for some money for a backpack and instead of actually giving me money, he made me a backpack using his old jeans. It turned out to be even better than I expected.”

3. “I dyed my hair and my dad just won’t stop now.”

4. Love is more powerful than any illness.

5. Dad gets (pretend) vaccinated so daughter will be less scared while getting her shots.

6. “Told my dad that my boyfriend and I were going to be coming home together for Christmas. He informed me that he has set up ‘BUNK BEDS’ for us in the guest room. I am 31.”

7. “Life with a single dad, asking for advice on date outfits...”

8. Your dad can’t give you bad advice.

9. “My father teaching my sister Go, 1992”

10. “I’ve never seen Liverpool win the league and while I would love to see it happen, I want it more for my dad. Watching his reaction 6 times, just makes me think of how he’ll be when we get the league. That man deserves everything in life and this is all he wants.”

11. “Wishing my father a Merry Christmas!”

12. “My father was in law enforcement for 40+ years. My sister just graduated from the academy! So proud of her!”

13. “My dad is going through a nightmarish divorce with my mom. I texted him saying I loved him and this was his response.”

14. “Happy Father’s Day to the man who chose to be my father when he didn’t have to.”

15. “My dad gets so dramatic when I’m not home all day...”

16. “My dad and I used to get milkshakes together all the time. This is my daughter and I sharing our first milkshake together.”

17. “Every single week, my dad makes the exact same recipe for beans that he’s been making my entire life and every week he texts me that it is the best batch he’s ever made and he freezes a container for when I come to visit and I think that is just really important.”

18. Does anyone still have doubts that dads can do anything?

19. “Spent 2 hours getting ready, then, just as I was about to go out, I saw my dad in the back room listening to music alone. And this was the moment I realized I needed to bring in the New Year with him.”

Bonus: What would you do?

Do you agree that dads and daughters have a special bond that no other family members have?

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