19 Photos That Prove Rules Are Made to Be Broken... by Cats

2 years ago

We are happy to forgive our beloved cats for anything: a dirty towel (that has just been washed), torn napkins, and messing with our cooking and other activities. And it’s not just us, owners, who have to deal with their mischief but also the other pets who live in the house.

At Bright Side, we love to watch the funny mischief our cats get into who don’t seem to care about any rules.

“I bought a new bed for my dog.”

“I tried to make my own paper. Failed successfully.”

“I’m trying to do a puzzle.”

“My dad moved the couch and found the cat’s secret stash.”

How will I use a mouse now?

“Guess why our trash can is now in the bathroom?”

“My cat clawed at my dad as he walked by and got stuck. She does this all the time.”

“Clean towels? Don’t mind if I do?”

“But what if I just... tip this over?”

“She just jumped up and lied down on her.”

“Cat on the hat. It stays until he moves too much to be a good perch.”

“He wanted to sit on the pizza box so he did, the other cat was irrelevant.”

“Meet Waffles. She lies wherever she wants, as if she pays the bills.”

“Kami working afterhours to find out where all the mice on the screen come from”

“I eventually just gave up.”

“I came home to a shredded treat bag. It was on the top shelf of a cabinet. I caught him trying to find it again this morning.”

“Every single time I turn my back on something that’s cooking. I’m fairly certain he thinks his name is Get Down.”

“Let meow out.”

“I gave up after 20 minutes of trying to weigh my cat on the home scale. I came back to find him lounging like this.”

Do your cats also like to do everything their own way? Share their photos in the comments below.

Preview photo credit hamsandwichman9 / Reddit


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