10+ Photos That Prove Sometimes Even Completely Ordinary Things Can Baffle Us

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Take a look at a complaining statue, a levitating guy, and an escaping watermelon and you will understand this: a new angle, unusual circumstances, and outside-the-box thinking can make even the most ordinary things extraordinary.

Bright Side is still amazed by how diverse our world is and the ability of people to find something interesting, even in the littlest things. Here are the latest photo discoveries we’ve made. Enjoy!

1. This completely new species turned out to be a regular seagull that had curry all over it.

2. The way the light enters the crack of this door

3. This art was created by only using the folding and creasing of paper.

4. French bees created blue and green honey after raiding an M&M factory. Here’s one of the honeycombs.

5. A tiger after a mud bath

6. A python at a veterinary clinic in Belgium

7. “My orange toolbox looks like a real-life pickup item under my room’s blue light.”

8. There’s no right answer.

9. A souvenir shop in Australia is selling a ’non-returning’ boomerang stick for $4.50.

10. “My sister water-proofed her shoes outside and water-proofed our sidewalk as a result.”

11. This dog is casting an elephant shadow.

12. The shadow and slope make it look like he’s floating.

13. “My cat’s shadow is actually my other cat.”

14. This is one photo: a ship’s deck and the sea.

Have you ever seen anything like this in your life? Share in the comments and we will include it in the next article!

Please note: This article was updated in May 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit CatP***dInMyShoe / Reddit


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#3 looks like some light in space, though it looks really cool ?


number 4 is actually crazy, imagine having patience for doing a work like that


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