19 Photos That’ll Make You Wanna Hug Your Parents Right Away

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4 years ago

In the whirl of today’s hectic life, we oftentimes forget to hug or even call our parents. That’s why seeing the rare joy in their eyes, getting a precious piece of advice from them, or even hearing their funny jokes makes us feel warm.

We at Bright Side found 19 photos to remind us of how cool our parents are.

“My dad celebrating his 100th birthday”

“My dad just got his first cell phone, and his first call was to his older brother. His smile is melting my heart.”

“My mom got to visit Snow White — her favorite princess since she was a little girl. This was her first trip to Disney ever.”

“Bought my mom this mug years ago and waited for this exact moment to finally happen.”

Parents are always ready to give you a good piece of advice.

...And even do your nails.

“A picture taken moments after asking my dad to legally adopt me after 21 years.”

“A 32-year-old child in my mom’s eyes. This visit I cleaned for 2 days so she wouldn’t. Today I woke up to this:”

“Scared gang went to find my mom during the fireworks.”

“My parents found a new use for my conference badges... To keep the trees in place.”

“I told my dad I wanted to play the game ‘Risk’ with him. When I showed up at his house, I found him with printed out battle plans and map strategies.”

“My dad and I (jokingly) told my mom we would leave the Apple store only after she had taken a ‘selfie’ on every device...next thing I know, her face is all over the store.”

“Gift from my parents. I wonder what it is, hmmm....”

“I asked my parents for an Apple Watch for my birthday. This is what I got.”

This mother’s kids made her a puzzle of her doing a puzzle with her dog, which she then did — with her dog.

“My parents have a great sense of humor.”

“My dad likes to label things.”

“This is how my mom messaged me on FB for the first time.”

“I asked my mom for a cool bookmark and this is what she gave me. (Yes, that is my mother...)”

Bonus: This man is pushing his wife around so she can catch Pokémon, while they wait to board their flight.

What are your parents like? Do they like to play jokes on you or are they the serious type?

Preview photo credit BeagleMom90 / reddit


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This advice from an old man... it just made me tell my boyfriend one more time how much I love him. This man is so right ❤


My dad loves cooking for my mom. When he is free and has some time he always try to make her something tasty. The best part about it is that he enjoys watching her eat. He says she looks adorable at such moments. Always makes me smile


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