13 Photos Where Laziness, Genius and Insanity United as One

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The lint roller for cleaning clothes was invented accidentally when Nicholas McKay was trying to clean his suit before a school dance, and Percy Spencer accidentally invented the microwave oven while working on radar improvements. The folks who are the spotlight of the below compilation should probably patent their “inventions” too?

Bright Side collected 13 photos of people that could be awarded a medal for ingenuity. Enjoy!

When a sausage craving overcomes the self-preservation instinct.

“My brother found a creative solution to his razor problem.”

What to do if you love water slides, but there’s no swimming pool around.

An ingenious way to kill time in a traffic jam.

This guy deserves the “King of Fast Food” award.

Garbage chute made from garbage cans. Nothing odd.

’Combine relaxing and practical activities’, they said.

When you are asked to show your forms and shapes.

When you’re all about selfies and are not afraid to show it.

“Mom couldn’t find MS Office so I helped her.”

When you go to work on your bike and there are no lights on the road.

Diver level — EXPERT!

Because cleaning the parking space with a shovel would be boring.

Have you ever met such creative people in your life? Maybe you showed creativity in an unexpected situation? We would love to read your stories in the comments!

Preview photo credit Holofan4life / reddit


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