19 Pics That Prove Moms Always Find a Way to Show How Much They Love Their Children

We often hear it said that a mother’s love is like nothing else. And it’s only when we have children that we can understand that phrase. If we think back to our childhood, we likely remember times when our mother showed us love in such a way that it became engraved in our minds and hearts.

To show love, you don’t need to say, “I love you,” and mothers know this very well. At Bright Side, we wanted to look for proof of this, and we found several stories of children whose moms used all their imagination to let them know that even if they grow up, for them, they would always be their little ones.

1. “Learned to walk in these almost 34 years ago. My mom found them in the closet and sent them because my son is due next week.”

2. “I went out with a group of friends at college for my twenty-first birthday.”

“I had told my mom over the phone what restaurant I had made reservations for, and when it came time to pay the bill, I was told she had called them with her card information to pay for everything.”

3. “Our 66-year-old old mom texts us photos of local weather on TV, so we dress appropriately since she can’t tell us in person every morning.”

4. “My mom made me this racetrack for my pet tortoise for Christmas.”

5. “I’ve been struggling financially for a while because of college, and my mom sent me a care package full of food.”

6. “The left one I got for my first birthday, and the right one for my thirty-first. My mom is awesome!”

7. “A quilt my mom made for my daughter, her first granddaughter!”

8. “My mother was given an award for temporarily fostering 29 kids in 2 years. She is the best!”

9. “Found a cookie I made as a child for my mom’s first Mother’s Day after she left my dad still in my mom’s freezer — I’m 28 now.”

10. “The exact moment my mom and I realized we were both gardening and wearing the same outfit on FaceTime.”

11. “I moved away from my hometown to move in with my boyfriend and to study, and my mom surprised me by ordering coffee and a pastry to my place.”

“We used to frequently go out to drink coffee and chit-chat, I miss hanging out with her.”

12. “White cake with fresh strawberry buttercream for my mom’s 86th birthday — this is the cake she remembers her mom making.”

13. “Same mom, same me, same teddy bear some 55 years apart”

14. “It’s my twenty-seventh birthday today, and my mom made sure that everyone in my neighborhood knew about it.”

15. “I got cheated on, and my mother bought me a shrimp ring because she knows I like shrimp and didn’t know how to help!”

16. “My mom has been so accommodating to my agoraphobia, she came over on my birthday and brought my presents.”

“She even brought a small cake slice and sang happy birthday. It seems small, but that’s how I like it, simple and short. Pretty sure this is the only picture of me smiling since I was a kid.”

17. “This is Kozmo!! He’s the mascot of my favorite amusement park. I always wanted a plush of him, but my mom always said no.”

“Then, on my nineteenth birthday, my mom took me there and bought me my very own Kozmo as a gift. He makes me so happy and thought he’d make you happy too!”

18. “I lost my mom recently after being her caretaker for 20+ years.”

“I have been going through her house, and she has left me notes all over in drawers and in paperwork. She was a sweet, loving woman and knew I’d need this.”

19. “A year and a half-ish after I was adopted — my mom and me”

What is the most precious memory you have of your mother? What things does she still do for you even though you are all grown up?

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