19 Stories That Prove the World Is Full of Good People

4 years ago

Even if you don’t have $51 million, like the father from Texas that sacrificed his business to build an amusement park for his daughter, you can still do good things. Like the guy who returned a stolen bike to its owner, or the family that made a small door especially for their neighbor’s cat. In order to do something kind, you just need to look around and you will instantly see the people who need your help.

We at Bright Side are amazed by these caring people who didn’t just walk past those who needed help. Here are the guys we call heroes.

1. “Saw this guy at Wal-Mart buying ALL of their remaining Santa hats, when I asked what he was buying them for, he said that he did this every year after Christmas and donated them to children’s hospitals for the next year.”

2. This kid gave up his seat to a woman with a baby and a stroller, and then when the mother fell asleep, he put his hand in between her head and the railing so she could use it as a pillow.

3. Every morning, the people from a town in California get in line to buy all the donuts from a certain cafe owner, so he can close the cafe earlier and go home to take care of his sick wife.

4. “A bull charged and almost stomped this baby. My dog then chased and led the bull away. The calf was in shock and not moving. After about an hour in the house, he started getting lively. Then the mama moose showed up and they were reunited. Now he’s been hanging around ever since and we’ve named him Bernard.”

5. When one of the visitors to this Alabama Waffle House saw that there was only one employee and that he could barely handle all the clients, he got up and did all the dishes.

6. A father from Texas sold his construction business and spent $51 million to build an amusement park for his daughter and other children with special needs.

7. During a volcano eruption in the Philippines, it was hard to breathe because of the ashes. Face masks were hard to buy. And this guy was giving them to everyone in the streets for free.

8. “A farmer in my hometown was killed, before he could finish the harvest, while fixing his barn roof. All the farmers in my hometown came out to finish it for the family.”

9. This guy is marking out on a small football field, with his blind friend’s hands, what’s going on down on the actual field.

10. Some guy bought this parking space just to save this old tree.

11. Riley Howell died while saving his friends from an armed criminal. He was a fan of Star Wars, so a Jedi was named after him in the new book from the saga.

12. This cat lost her paws to frostbite, but doctors from Novosibirsk 3D-printed prosthetic legs for her. Now, she can run again, wash herself, and be a regular cat.

13. “The previous owner wanted to euthanize her because she had kidney disease. I adopted her instead. Her kidney levels are now within a normal range and she’s my best friend!”

14. “We auctioned off our beards to raise money for prostate cancer. This was the design chosen for me!”

15. “This is not our cat. We installed a cat door in our shed. Our new neighbors rarely let their cat in, even when it’s freezing cold outside. We’ve spoken to them twice, nicely, and they are not concerned. So we are helping our cat bro out by giving him access to our shed.”

16. When a customer really changes your mood:

17. “Raining all day and the ground floor condos don’t have any awnings to protect packages if you’re not home. This delivery driver is the real MVP.”

18. “I’ve spent an hour doing CPR for a puppy that couldn’t breathe. I’d almost stopped believing, but then he started breathing! Now, I realized I’ve chosen the right profession!”

19. Well, that was unexpected.

“When I was coming home, I saw that my car was half-covered with some cloth. I thought that someone had bumped into it. When I got closer, I saw a guy laying the tiles. I went up to him and asked what happened to my car and I was amazed when he said that he had covered the car in order to not get it dirty with dust. I thanked him and bought him a little gift.”

Bonus: A guy bought a stolen bike so he could return it to the owner.

A 26-year-old man from Liverpool suspected that the bike he saw for sale was stolen. He didn’t accuse the thief and just bought the bike. Then he posted a Tweet asking if anyone had had this bike stolen. “Has anyone had their bike stolen? I just bought this for £80 and it’s got a bike lock on it. Apparently it’s from the Crosby area. I bought it so that I could give it back to its rightful owner. I know it’s a £1,350 bike and I’d be heartbroken if it was me. Give us a shout.”

Soon, the real owner contacted the man — he came with the keys and a receipt and proved it really did belong to him. The guy who bought the bike was called a good Samaritan and a company named Halfords, that sells different types of sporting equipment, offered to give him a bike. But the man refused the offer and said that he didn’t do it just to get a gift.

Has anyone ever done anything kind for you?

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really sweet stories, especially the one with little boy and his mom


Number 18 is so sweet! Love seeing people showing off how proud they are of their careers


Heartwarming stories! Loved the one of the man buying the Christmas hats ??


#5 is a good example of what employee have to go through on a daily basis. Good thing that man helped whoever was struggling! Cheer to you, stranger ??


I can't believe what the man in number 6 did! And the photo... so sweet!


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