19 Times Animals Decided to Behave Beyond Our Expectations

2 years ago

Animals are much more complicated and human-like than we think. You can meet a deer on a road who will show you their tongue to make you understand you’re not welcome there. And your dog may be in love with another dog and show their feeling through hugs.

We at Bright Side melt into a puddle when we see fluffs doing something adorable and funny at the same time and would like to share it with you.

1. Maybe he’s trying to meditate.

2. “This is Simba and Cooper, hugging for the first time in over a year.”

3. “It’s hot outside.”

4. “There was no hole in the tree. I have no idea what he did with his nose. He just decided to climb the tree and cram his nose into it.”

5. The lizard practices some dancing.

6. “Sunday mood — the squirrel stayed like this for 30 minutes.”

7. “Sarah likes to have her foot in her mouth.”

8. “Abbey Road couldn’t understand why we were staring at her.”

9. “My friend came back from work and found this in his bedroom.”

10. “He’s not allowed on the couch.”

11. “I have no idea.”

12. “My cat is constantly posing as if he were modeling for a risqué magazine.”

13. “First, he stuck his tongue out at us after standing in the road forever! Then he had the audacity to give us his best side shot! Just rude!”

14. “An alternative to bird seed”

15. “He stole my peas!”

16. Fork thief

17. “He sleeps all day with his butt facing this way.”

18. This squirrel trusts a human.

19. “I was going through my drawer when I heard a meow that made me jump. I think I interrupted her nap.”

What weird things does your pet like to do? Do you have pictures of any unusual moments with your pet? Please share your pics and stories!

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Preview photo credit Firefly223/reddit


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