19 Times People Were So Puzzled That They Could Hardly Say “Mama”

2 years ago

A small dose of astonishment every now and then isn’t necessarily a bad thing and it can add a bit of colorful flavor to our day. We need to obey when life commands us to stop and take a look at the rare sight of a 2-pupilled seagull or a cat with a hole in its tummy. Because after all, these situations stay engraved in our memory long after the other ordinary moments of our days lose their importance.

Bright Side is a big fan of situations that make our jaws drop a bit and our hearts beat faster. We will share some photos that will first give you a feeling of disbelief before leaving you with a big smile.

1. ’’My sister’s hand passing through my cat’s body.’’

2. ’’I found this seagull that has 2 pupils.’’

3. ’’The variety of colors in the eggs my friend’s chickens laid.’’

4. ’’I snapped a photo of my dog through a window screen that looks like an old painting.’’

5. ’’My boss has 2 pinkies conjoined into one.’’

6. ’’The duck car I saw on the road today.’’

7. ’’Saw this on the road today.’’

8. ’’I was swapping my old plate with a personalized plate. This was the ticket that I received from the machine.’’

9. ’’A clutch of dinosaur eggs in a friend’s personal collection.’’

10. ’’My neighbor bought a lot of walnuts.’’

11. ’’I was shocked when someone licked my arm in the Walgreens this morning.’’

12. ’’This oddly shaped lemon my lemon tree produced.’’

13. ’’It’s 4 a.m. This is what I find at Walmart.’’

14. ’’This funky cloud I found in my backyard.’’

15. ’’When your girlfriend’s weight matches the sample photo.’’

16. ’’This spider hammock at the bus stop is made of leaves.’’

17. ’’I saw this at a Hobby Lobby one time.’’

18. ’’I am not sure why this Chinese restaurant has 2 chairs in front of the toilet but my interest is now peaked.’’

19. ’’I saw our pilot dangling out the window to clean the windshield.’’

Do you often encounter weird situations that cross the limits of the ordinary? Do you enjoy being surprised and what is your natural initial reaction to them?

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Preview photo credit CannaPLUS/Reddit


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