20 Animals That Know Everything About Awkward Situations

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Our pets constantly get into trouble that looks really funny. We think that almost every dog owner has probably seen their dogs trying to catch their paws or tails. Cats are even funnier: they might take forever to calculate the trajectory of a jump and still not land where they want to.

We at Bright Side know that being clumsy is a good thing for a pet. It’s just another reason to take a funny picture.

1. “Stop taking pictures and help me out, you hairless monkeys!”

2. A little help please, anyone?

3. He was just trying to be a good boy and bring the toy, but it’s not that easy.

4. Curiosity might be a problem.

5. An attack that finished in a complete failure

6. He was told to catch it and he did.

7. Calculating a door jump

8. “The majestic snow leopard”

9. “I think I found a bone!”

10. The scariest thing he’s ever seen — white slippers

11. When you get out of the shower and hear a noise downstairs, but see your wife and kids cuddling in the other room:

12. When you have no idea what to do:

13. “Gotta change the collar...”

14. Time to get up and you just can’t? It happens to cats too.

15. “Instructions unclear. Stuck in loop. Please reboot.”

16. DJ Cat: The beginning...

17. Your face when you value freedom the most and your owner doesn’t understand that:

18. An error occurred

19. 2 adorable dogs on a ride

20. If you are in a silly situation, just assume a great position and pretend you planned it this way.

Do you have a pet? Do you think it could be in our compilation?

Preview photo credit BC3472 / Pikabu


This list was adorable! My favorite was the dog in the GIF that had his leg over his head and was doing god knows what.

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