20+ Animals Whose Striking Emotions Could Melt an Ice-Cold Heart

2 years ago

A kitty rolling its eyes while looking at its own reflection, a dog’s face radiating pure happiness — these are just a few examples of how candid our floofsters are. They don’t need much to be truly impressed, just like kids who feel sad or happy about little things.

Here at Bright Side, we truly think pets are just furry humans, and lucky are those who manage to capture their pure emotions on camera.

1. Spook the panda dog gets happy and goofy when his hooman plays with him.

2. “What have I become?”

3. “Go to sleep, baby and no one will get hurt.”

4. When you receive a spam call:

5. “Name the song!”

6. “I’m gonna take over the world right after a short nap.”

7. Smug pug

8. “This angry owl at an owl sanctuary isn’t enjoying my company.”

9. “This is the face Ghost makes when he wants to be pet.”

10. “We gave our bearded dragon a toy lizard and now he’s attached and won’t leave its side ever. This is how he sleeps every day.”

11. “Our dog is spiritually reborn whenever she goes on a car ride.”

12. Socially awkward dog

13. This baby cheetah girl could be in a Disney movie!

14. “Beware of dog”

15. My friend’s ridiculously photogenic lizard

16. He’s just come back from the groomer.

17. “Why do you smell like another dog, human?”

18. “Excuse me, sir?”

19. My cat’s face before and after my wife told her that the high chair wasn’t for her

20. A proud mother and her baby

21. “My dog is 16, so I figure it’s time for some driving lessons.”

22. “I put this mirror on the bedside table and Renly couldn’t handle it.”

23. Enjoying a bit of sunshine and attention

24. “My cat is disabled, and he sometimes likes to sit like this.”

25. This is how we feel by the end of the week.

26. “I just touched his belly.”

27. “My dog, after I didn’t give her the last bite of my burger”

28. “His name is Giggles.”

Do you have any favorite pics of your pet making hilarious faces? We’d love to see them and find out the stories behind them.

Preview photo credit unknown / imgur, unknown / imgur


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