20 Bed Ideas That Can Rock Your World

4 years ago

Sleeping is one of the only activities we spend most of our life doing — it’s estimated that we spend about 26 years of our life in bed. Surprisingly, we also spend about 7 years trying to get to sleep. And it’s our bed that mostly affects the quality of our nightly rest.

We at Bright Side chose 20 creative ideas for how you can transform your ordinary bed into something unique and really comfortable.

20. In this shaman’s teepee, you’ll find your hidden superpowers.

19. A perfect solution for a tiny home

18. Who needs ladders when you can have slides?

17. If you’re hurrying to the ball, you can sleep right in the carriage.

16. When you love to fly in your dreams:

15. A giant swing — for those who never grow up

14. This bed will make you feel like a little pearl.

13. A Totoro bed for true anime fans

12. This igloo will keep you warm when it’s freezing outside.

11. If you really like beer, a beer barrel could be the perfect bed for you.

10. An anti-stress bed

9. A real castle for a real princess

8. Sail away to unknown islands in your dreams.

7. This bed allows you to feel the music with your whole body.

6. A tree house bed complete with a “Keep Out” sign

5. If your son dreams of being the next Mario Andretti:

4. Find your inner wings by sleeping in a giant bird’s nest.

3. This wrestling bed gives a whole new meaning to the famous sleeper hold.

2. This bed can be adapted to any of your needs.

1. The hamburger bed — for those who are fast food lovers!

Would you like to sleep in one of these beds? Or maybe you already have your own dream bed at home? Describe it to us in the comments!


#20 is to make my childhood dream come true!
Who else made igloo from plaids and chairs in the childhood?

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