20+ Behind the Curtains Scenes That Are No Less Interesting Than the Movies Themselves

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When director Terry Gilliam decided to make a screen version of Don Quijote, various issues started to appear in the process. At first, the actor who was playing the main role got hurt, then the shooting had to be stopped due to a hurricane that hit Spain. Eventually, instead of creating a movie about the wandering knight, they created a documentary movie called Lost in La Mancha that revealed the shooting process. It ended up being no less intense and dramatic than the final movie about Don Quijote that they managed to complete in 2018. It proves that there are many things that stay behind the curtains and out of viewers sight.

We at Bright Side decided to go behind the curtains of modern movies and TV series and peek at what the creators do between the phrases “Lights! Camera! Action!” The bonus at the end will show you how superheroes celebrate their birthdays.

This is how Daniel Radcliffe recorded the line, “...but she’s my friend too,” in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

The members of Sherlock’s team were trying on Benedict Cumberbatch’s mask.

The pink umbrella is the main shooting prop in rainy Wales.

This is what Dumbo looks like in real life.

In between the superhero feats, the characters of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 spent time playing ping-pong.

Nicholas Hoult had to entertain himself in different ways in the breaks between Mad Max shots.

Wonder Woman thanks her stunt double who performed the most difficult tricks for her

The actors of Avengers: Endgame trying to figure out who is the biggest and the fiercest

This is how Chris Hemsworth put on his fat suit.

Behind Dolittle’s curtains

Brad Pitt on the set of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Charlize Theron testing makeup on the set of Bombshell

When the director gives you a lift to the set: Joe Russo giving a ride to Tom Holland to the shooting set of the movie Cherry

David Tennant behind Doctor Who’s curtains

Meanwhile, Judoons (humanoids from Doctor Who) have unmasked themselves — perhaps to have a snack?

Twin Peaks’ Candie costumes for sale? We’d buy a couple.

Batman got something in his eye.

This is how one of The Call of the Wild’s scenes was made.

A makeup artist sprays Ryan Reynolds so that he doesn’t feel hot on the set of Deadpool.

Emma Watson holds heating pads in her hands in order not to get frozen on the set of Little Women. According to her, there are a couple more strapped to her front and back underneath her dress.

While her on-set colleagues are having snacks with cupcakes

Ryan Reynolds recording a video for his blog in the foreground of the battle scene from 6 Underground

“Best part of shooting with Michael Bay? I don’t know. A lot of people would say the action, but for me, it’s the stillness. Those quiet moments that... the feeling when you are lost in the character’s eyes. That’s the moment for me I think.”

He even got into the movie itself.

This is what the Red Queen’s Castle looked like in real life.

Bonus: Avengers, led by Robert Downey Jr., wish actor Josh Brolin a happy birthday.

How would you entertain yourself onset if you were an actor or actress?

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those actors, who play as different creatures and animals in those costumes and special gadgets, have it even harder than the real actor. I think we don't praise those guys enough


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