20+ Bright Siders Share Their Matching Tattoos That Bond Them With Loved Ones

2 years ago

Lots of people who get tattoos want them to have special meaning. And we are sure that friendship, love, and family are perfect for this. Especially if these tattoos are matching and are a symbol of a strong bond.

Our readers agree with us, and showed Bright Side their couple tattoos. There are sisters, best friends, spouses, and even a 75-year-old lady with her grandson.

1. Your loved ones will always hear you.

2. “20 years and counting!! She’s the best, couldn’t ask for a better friend than her.”

3. “It says Laotong, meaning kindred sisters.”

4. “Mine and my besties for our 40th birthday. Friends for 36 years!”

5. “My sister is one of my besties!! We got avocados.”

6. “This is mine and my besties. He and I have been friends for over 20 years and have decided to make it official. He’s the love of my life.”

7. “Besties for 25 years. Got our combined birthstones.”

8. “For our 18th anniversary.”

9. “This is my 2 besties. Infinity hearts, each with our own colors in the infinity”

10. Peanut butter and jelly are a perfect match.

11. “Over 30 years of being best friends”

12. Take away tattoos

13. They look exactly the same.

14. “Sisters”

15. There are no limits for special bonds.

16. One heart for 3

17. Rings that will stay forever

18. “My best friend and I got tattoos. She loves mountains and I love the ocean. She also keeps me grounded and I keep her wild.”

19. “My best friend and I got these. I’m an American citizen, and the German flag because she is a German national.”

20. “My 75-year-old grandmother and I got matching tattoos. It was her first and my 100th.”

21. “It means sister. We got it for our 40th birthday.”

Do you have a matching tattoo with someone? What does it mean to you? Show us your tattoos in the comments.

Preview photo credit Tammy Kyle / Facebook


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Number 8 is so cute. I won't mind getting one like that with a special person ?


My best friends´ name and mine start with the same letter. We decided to tattooed it in our wrists to always remember each other. I adore her!


I don't know if the rings ideas was a pretty good one… hahaha


I think this is super cute, but my girlfriend doesn't want to get one with me


I think matching tattoos is really cute, especially when older people have them


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