20 Bright Siders Shared Their Unusual Trip Memories That Most People Wouldn’t Dare to Reveal

3 years ago

Many people dream of traveling to other countries around the world. However, to do so, you need to take into consideration all of the things you’ll need in the countries you’re visiting. We’re talking about simple things like your passport, maybe a visa (if necessary), and why not a dictionary to be able to communicate with the locals in case you don’t speak their language. But there’s more to traveling than that. Sometimes, you can prepare for everything, but still end up in some strange and funny situation because of a misunderstanding. And that’s where the most fun memories on trips are created, as these 20 Bright Siders showed us.

Bright Side wants to share these funny situations with you that our beloved followers experienced when traveling to another country.

  • Once, in France, I was walking down a street where there were a lot of souvenir shops. Among them, there was one selling some very nice model trains. I stopped there and said: “Oh, what a nice train, I wish they were for sale.” The man started speaking forever in French but I couldn’t understand a thing so I just said, “Thank you.” It turned out that the man was saying terrible things to me for not buying and I was just there, thanking him. © Alejandra Martinez / Facebook

  • We were at JFK airport in New York and my wife put her suitcase on the scale at the check-in counter. When she saw that it read 46, she almost had a nervous breakdown and shouted: " You see how the bag is way too heavy!?" The weighing guy and I, laughing our heads off, told her that the scale wasn’t reading in kilos, but in pounds, so it was about 23 kilos. I laughed for a long time. © Iñigo Castillo / Facebook

  • I set off an alarm at the airport in Las Vegas. All the officers stopped what they were doing and surrounded me to inspect me. I was pregnant and had a lumbar support girdle with a support rod. © Lupita Mendoza / Facebook

  • At the airport, I was asked to remove things from my suitcase because I had excess baggage. When I opened my suitcase to see what to leave behind, a dog came up to me, put his paws in the middle of my open suitcase and started sniffing everything I had in there. I was sitting there all flushed red, regretting the moment I thought It was a good idea to take tamales with me in my suitcase. 😅😅 © Pamela Villafane / Facebook

  • We got lost in Tokyo at a subway station where there were no signs in English. A Japanese guy came over to help us and in his somewhat poor English told us how to buy a ticket. Long story short, my friend and I got so excited that we were thanking him in English and Japanese; the guy had a good laugh and left, hahaha. What a nice guy. © Natty Martinez / Facebook

  • Once, in a hotel in Las Vegas, a group of Japanese people came up to my husband and me and asked to take a picture with us. Suddenly, we had a bunch of tourists surrounding us and we didn’t understand a word they were saying. When they were leaving, they turned around in amazement and thanked us... they probably mistook us for someone, a crazy thing that, to this day, my husband and I still cannot make sense of 🤣🤣. © R Lo Flo / Facebook

  • Once, in Italy, I was asked what Aztec tribe I was supposed to be a descendant of, hahahaha. The person in question swore that Mexicans still walked the streets with a plume and a loincloth. 😓😓😓 © Ruth Uberetagoyena / Facebook

  • In China, we wanted to buy a subway ticket, but the machine did not accept the only 100 yuan banknote we had. We went to the information desk to ask for a change of ticket, but the girl behind the counter did not speak a word of English, or at least she didn’t seem to understand what we were saying. The desperation was such that my boyfriend, with his poor English, told her: “I need to changieishion my billeteishon.” We were there for almost an hour until someone else came and told us that we could buy the tickets at that same place where we got the first one without any problem. © Sandy Gabriela / Facebook

  • We took a 5-hour flight from London to Cairo. They then drove to take us to the hotel and that night we climbed Mount Sinai to watch the sunrise in the middle of the desert. I was talking in Spanish with my mom, and we were suddenly approached by a Colombian couple just like us. When I turned my head to see them, they turned out to be my English teacher and his wife celebrating their honeymoon. 😂😂 © Angélica Reyes Pinillos / Facebook

  • We are Catalans and we moved to Uruguay for a few years. My son and I spoke Catalan between us and in Uruguay, it became an effective way of speaking in “code,” so that people would not understand us. But when our 5-year stay in that country came to an end and we returned to Catalonia, I had to live that uncomfortable moment when my son did not quite understand that we were no longer in Uruguay and he spoke to me in Catalan (and said some absurd things) believing that people could not understand him. I would look at him with a “What are you doing” face and he would say to me, “Mom, what if you teach me German and we have a secret language for both of us again?” © Karim Freire / Facebook

  • I was with a friend on a flight to the United States and next to us sat a lady with a baby. The little one looked at us and we were making faces at him to make him laugh. When the mother saw that we were playing with him, she gave him to us to take care of for the rest of the flight, and she started playing on her cell phone. © Sayra Sánchez / Facebook

  • During a trip to New York, I was walking with my husband, and a girl said to me: “You have such beautiful eyelashes” but somehow I understood that she was asking if we wanted to eat some cheese, so I said yes, and reached out with my hand. My husband explained that the girl had told me that my eyelashes were very beautiful and that no one in NYC goes around offering cheese to people on the street. Fortunately, the girl wasn’t eating anything, because I would have probably shoved my hand in her food. You could tell how I was hungry at the time, I think. © Laura Sanabria / Facebook

  • We went to Disneyland and looked for Cinderella’s castle, only to find out that that particular castle we were looking for was not there, but in Disney World, “just” 36 hours away. © Aladinna Rosa Rosita / Facebook
  • When I turned 70, I went to Italy by myself to celebrate. My birthday is St. John’s Day and that day, I was in Florence. There were a lot of people in the square for the holiday. I struck up a conversation with the people around me and told them it was my birthday. A lady pulled my ear and told me that this was the way they congratulated the birthday boys and girls in Italy. I really liked it and said, “Do it again and take a picture,” and she did. It was very nice. © Isabel Mesén / Facebook

  • I was alone at a table in a small Chinese restaurant in Barcelona. There were very few customers at that time, and suddenly the manager of the place (a Chinese woman, who did not speak Spanish well) came up to me and said: “I need to go to the bathroom, if a customer comes in, tell him to sit down and wait for me, I’ll be right back,” hahahahahaha. I was shocked thinking that I basically almost got a job as a waitress on my vacation. © Ivette Portillo Pineda / Facebook

  • I was on a bus in Vancouver curling my eyelashes with a spoon. Before I knew it, everyone was looking at me with a very strange look on their faces. 😸😸😜 © Esli Jiel / Facebook

What was the most memorable trip you have ever taken and what was the funniest experience you have ever had abroad?

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the story about speaking in 'code' is a very rude one. I have met people in my country who spoke in they native language in front of us, thinking no one would understand them. turns out I did spoke their native language and I understood everything... they were making fun of everything, and mocking people. I can't believe someone would encourage their children to do such thing.


I went once to another country and I noticed two guys were discussing me in Turkish, they thought I didn't understand them
and ten I replied to them in Turkish too. They changed in their faces so quick 🤣


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