20 Cake Fails That Made Us Laugh to Tears

3 years ago

Our love for sweets hides in our genetics. Sweets like cupcakes, cheesecakes, chocolate and more cause excitement in the souls of those who have a sweet tooth. Unfortunately, today’s pace of life doesn’t let us cook sweets at home so confectioners offer their help for your money.

At Bright Side, we found 20 amateur confectioners that may make you want to consider baking at home or at least choose your next confectioner more carefully. At the end of the article, there is a bonus that shows you what happens when requests are taken very literally.

This woman paid $60 for the cake on the right. No one in the family could guess which celebrity’s face was on it.

Love is when you bake cakes for your significant other and they always eat them.

Well, the right eye looks a little bit different...

Lady Gaga’s fans bake cakes for her from time to time. It’s not the present but the attention that matters, right?

Not quite Ariel but still not bad...

The box holding Peppa makes all the difference.

― “Hi, I am Olaf! I like warm hugs!”
― “Olaf?”
― “You made me, do you remember?”
― “Are you alive?”

Mickey the father, Princess Leia the mother

When your customer is anyway satisfied:

Minions have little, crooked teeth in the cartoon. Well, the confectioner chose not to focus on that detail...

Masha, what happened to you?

Translation: “Timosha is 2 years old. Let all your dreams come true!”

“Frankly speaking, it took us a lot of time to understand who was depicted here. Tinker-bell! That’s her!”

The baby who gets this train might get scared.

Dora the Explorer actually had higher ratings than Peppa Pig but this fact didn’t save her from the hands of bad craftsmen.

Well, perhaps this baker didn’t like Christian very much...

Don’t underestimate the confidence of amateur confectioners!

“Avada Kedavra!”

A photo that you post on Instagram vs you in real life


Would you dare to eat this cake?

Bonus 1: “A friend of mine ordered a picture cake and gave the woman a thumb drive with the picture she wanted to use. When my friend went to pick it up, this is what was waiting for her.”

Bonus 2: “I was asked what I wanted to be written on my cake. I said ’nothing’.”

Have you ever baked cakes? If yes, please share your masterpieces in the comments!


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