20 Cat-Dog Relationships That Are Better Than Any Soap Opera

4 years ago

Despite the eternal “Who’s better?” battle, some brave owners decided to bring cats and dogs together. Love and hate, friendship and jealousy — these vivacious dogs and their grumpy companions are here to show you the whole spectrum of emotions in their relationships.

Bright Side has collected 20 pictures proving that cats and dogs can get along... at least sometimes. Anyway, don’t miss our cool bonus packed with endless patience and understanding!

1. Why so rude?!

2. Oops... Hello, darling, I thought you were coming home tomorrow.

3. Yuck... Wet kisses. Again!

4. I’ll just pretend I’m a toy... Good boy, Goldy.

5. Maybe we should let him sleep on his bed? Don’t be silly, Joe.

6. Someone, please teach him good manners before I forget mine.

7. This man is MINE!

8. You shall not pass, little devil.

9. It’s OK, buddy. Everything will be fine.

10. What? We’re just playing.

11. Help! He’s gonna kill me!

12. Isn’t my bed just gorgeous?

13. Daytime naps with your loved ones are the best.

14. Come on! You promised we’d play after lunch.

15. He-he...no one would dare to offend me.

16. Who told you the gym was a good idea?

17. Yeah, I missed you too... Stop it.

18. Mom! Call an exorcist!

19. Hey, I love you so much... Will you get me that tuna from the table?

20. Hey, lady! Keep calm, I’m just passing by!

Bonus: Shh... it’s OK, you can let it all out. Poor baby.

Have you ever witnessed how emotional cats and dogs can be around each other? Maybe you’ve got a hilarious furry couple at home? Share your stories in the comments!


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