20 Cats That Let Us Know Who Actually Sets the House Rules

2 years ago

Some vets believe that cats treat their owners like parents and behave like kittens. But the owners of the cats we want to show you don’t agree with that: in most cases, the animals dominate humans and try to subdue them. And most actually succeed. Our pets are always able to make us wash the dishes one more time and skip work if they want.

Bright Side is sure that we all can forgive our 4-legged friends for their mischief, because their love is boundless, though we have a hard time understanding it from time to time.

True support

“I got my head stuck in a trash can lid while trying to eat the plastic liner. Then I tried to escape through my cat door from embarrassment and I got stuck again.”

He tried to disguise himself.

“Sorry, I’ll take my share.”

“Don’t worry, it’s not hot, it just gets me all kinds of attention (which I promptly ignore and pretend to hate.)”

“Right when I needed to charge my phone urgently.”

“My cat hates cameras, so I hardly have any pictures with him. Last night we attempted. Can’t say he’ll be appearing in any cat food commercials anytime soon.”

“I just washed it...”

“This is Bubble. She wanted to let her human know Christmas is over and she’s sick of looking at decorations!”

“This is what happened to our Valentine’s Day flowers. Sorry, not sorry!”

The most beautiful flower

“Our cat was getting a little fat, so we got an automatic pet feeder to ration his food throughout the day.”

Security cameras can save you from the neighbors’ cats.

“Hi, I’m Maki. This is my bowl and I don’t know why my mom keeps putting fruit in it.”

“He’s so proud of himself!”

“There is no privacy in the life of a cat owner.”

“Caught these boys in the kitchen last night looking for a snack.”

“My sister’s cat ruined an iPad. Look at her face.”

“This is Tobiko. He likes to climb into trash bins and take naps.”

When you finally decide to work:

Are you a happy owner of a fluffy pet? Do you want to get one? Share your stories with us!

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