20 Cats Who Took Over Doll Beds Without Any Regret

3 years ago

Cats are very peculiar pets that always like to stand out. They can't just be all about routine and they always have to add a fun touch to everything they do. For example, at bedtime, they always takeover your whole bed. But cat-lovers might have found the cutest solution. Social media users are sharing fun pictures of their cats sleeping in doll beds that can be found in stores like IKEA. According to the company, these beds were not made specifically for cats, but were designed for play, so they do not recommend using them for other purposes. However, it seems that these friendly cats have decided to ignore that advice (as cats usually do).

Bright Side wants to provide you with a compilation of 20 cats resting on doll beds they usurped, or some that their owners fixed up for them so they’d finally have some place to sleep!

1. “My cats! From top to bottom: Tess, Daphne, and Archie”

2. “My cat sleeping in a doll bed I was gonna trash”

3. This bed makes the cat look like a giant!

4. Shhhh, the cat is sleeping, don’t wake him.

5. Never leaving the bed again...

6. “Got my daughter a doll bed for her favorite doll, and it immediately got taken over.”

7. “My little sister got a doll bed from Santa, but apparently at some point during the night Kevin (our cat) decided it was his bed.”

8. “We fixed up the Ikea cat bed so Howard could fit on it, had to extend it to 3 ft long.”

9. “This is Ollie. He’s decided my daughter’s doll bed is now his.”

10. “My niece decided that her cats should sleep in bunk beds.”

11. “I’m in my 50s and I love tucking my kitty in.”

12. Wake me up at lunch time. Maybe.

13. Go away, you’ve got your own bed!

14. “Cleo-catra queen of the Nile, waiting on her pharaohs to carry her!”

15. “Just want to share Peddy, my cat & my IKEA doll bed.”

16. “Is that a giant cat or a tiny house?”

17. It was supposed to be a doll bed, but their owners found a better use for it.

18. “You might say that it is a re-purr-posed bed.”

19. “Yes, this is the intended use of the American Girl doll bed.”

20. “My cat has her own bed...”

Do you know any cat that has taken over a cute doll bed? Where does your pet like to sleep? Share your pictures with us in the comment section along with the name of your pet and their story!


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