20 Cats Whose Charisma Breaks All Records

4 years ago

Cats are independent, playful, and joyous. But a recent study also proves that they are complete jerks. The study found that cats can understand when you call them, but mostly they try to ignore you unless obviously, you are going to treat them with some delectable food. But that changes nothing for us, the cat lovers. These adorable little furry creatures are and will always be a source of endless love.

Scroll down this Bright Side page to see a funny collection of photographs of cats doing what they do best: owning you, your house, and your streets. They are the kings and queens after all, aren’t they? And yes, don’t miss the bonus section at the end to see a cat enjoying a massage after a hard day’s work.

1. That’s my cat watching Tom and Jerry. Maybe he thinks that Jerry might come out of the TV.

2. My cat is resting after a sumptuous lunch. Now he really has a pot belly.

3. This cat knows no fear.

4. I got 8 more lives. Might as well spend one chillin.’

5. He’s a Sherlock Holmes in the making.

6. My cat’s like: “Every day I catch this mouse and bring it to you, and you let it go. So I’m not going to leave it today.”

7. My sister’s dogs started barking and then her cat did this...

8. My girlfriend and I moved in together yesterday and brought our cats. We walked in the other room and caught them like this. We thought they wouldn’t get along.

9. That’s my cat’s angry face when she wants to eat sour cream and I give her chicken.

10. Waiting for Ganesha’s mouse...

11. Here’s my cat trying to get sympathy by faking an accident.

12. My webcam captured my cat Bayron doing this before I entered the kitchen to prepare lunch.

13. Napping like a real lady.

14. My kitty’s got her own bathtub.

15. Jedi cat

16. This cat is in safe hands.

17. My cat wants to eat everything that we bring home, even if it’s a watermelon.

18. Contemplation time!

19. Dancing to Freddie Mercury’s songs!

20. It takes 2 to tango.

Bonus: My cat’s massage chair

How does your cat treat you? If you have photographs of cats striking a hilarious pose, share them with the world in the comments below.

Preview photo credit unknown / imgur, DV123 / pikabu


Somehow I only see such funnt and charismatic cats on photos only. Those cats that I know are the most ordinarty creatures ever, tthey don't even change their face expressions :(
Am I the only one like this?

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