20 Coincidences That Are Nothing but Strokes of Luck

3 years ago

An unexpected find or a pleasant surprise can turn a regular day into an amazing one. And it doesn’t matter how valuable what you find is, what matters most is that you find the exact thing you want or need right now.

We at Bright Side have read hundreds of stories about the universe surprising people. We’ve been stunned by the number of coincidences that have happened to people. And the bonus feature we’ve prepared will tell you why you should be careful with some things you find.

  • It was right before the New Year. Money was tough, really tough. I was walking with my dog late at night and found several cans of food: mushrooms and pineapples. The cans looked like someone just lost them. My dog and I walked around the cans for 20 minutes (in case someone would come back for them). In the end, we took them home and made a pizza. I remember I was as happy as if I had found a box of presents! © wow kozz / AdMe

  • Around 20 years ago when our town still had trams, I got stuck at a bus stop in a place I didn’t know well. The other tram just wouldn’t arrive. I was there for 2 hours, it was quite dark. I saw a man walking. He came up to me and asked me if I liked roses. He had some from his garden. He gave me the flowers and left. And 5 minutes later, my tram arrived! I looked at the flowers and there were 118 of them! I really love flowers. © Zulphia Usmanova / Facebook

  • From time to time, I check the clothes I don’t wear anymore, collect them, and give them to charity organizations. It’s great that I always check the pockets because I found $500 in an old coat. I remembered that someone gave me back the money they’d borrowed and I forgot about it. © Tatyana Kaumova / Facebook

  • Once, I was walking on the street and I was very sad. My boot had a hole in it and I had no money for a new pair. I saw a woman that randomly told me, “You’re going to be happy very soon.” I kept walking and then I saw a bill on the ground. It was exactly the amount I needed for a new pair. © Marina Volik / Facebook

  • Once, it was rainy and I was going to the subway and wished that I had an umbrella. I went to the subway, got on the train, and found an umbrella on the seat. I looked around to find the person who left it and nobody was there. I took the umbrella and later left it on the seat the same way I found it. © Kamilla Gappoeva / Facebook

  • Last November, I was walking with my daughter in the park. Her birthday was supposed to be in a week (7 years old) and I promised her we’d go to a cafe (with the family) and have another celebration at home (for her friends). But I only had enough money for one event. I had no idea what to do when my daughter picked up $200 from the ground, asking me if it was real money. I paid for the cafe the same way — they had some happy hour offer and everything was 70% cheaper. © Marina Gorbacheva / Facebook

  • In the middle of the ’90s, my dad lost his job. He had to provide for the family, so he worked as a street cleaner. After several months, he brought a box with a new TV and we were shocked. My mom was scared he was into some shady stuff. But it turned out that he was burning the trash and found $300 in some old books. And he decided to get the TV. © August Evening / Facebook

  • I bought myself new glasses. The employees said that I could take part in some lottery and I won a trip for 2 to Egypt. I only believed it when I was in the hotel. © Tanya Podkolzina / Facebook

  • I was buying some things for my room — a new computer, speakers, a desk, and a keyboard but I had to leave my job and I didn’t get a new chair. So I had to sit on an old wooden one. And then I won a chair for gamers. My mother didn’t believe it until she saw it. © Zenonas Barsov / AdMe

  • Several years back, on an online auction, I was fighting for a figurine of a dog that looked exactly like my dog that passed away. I lost. A different woman got it. The next morning, someone rang the bell at my door. This woman was there and she gave me the figure. She said, “I know what it’s like to lose pets.” Then she just left. © Anna Ivanova / Facebook

  • In 2017, I broke up with my husband and kept asking myself, “Did I make the right choice?” On a regular morning, I said, “God, please, give me a sign that I did the right thing!” And then I put on my pants and found something in the pocket. It was $300! This was how I realized I had done the right thing. © EUPHORIA / AdMe

  • Around 15 years ago, my daughter and I found a wallet with $2,000 in it. We put up ads all around the area and in the evening, the owner came. He lost the money he needed to use to pay his workers. He gave me $100. © Alena Dunaevskaya / Facebook

  • I was walking home and saw some grapes at a market. I wanted them so much but I could only afford the essentials. I was very sad. And then I found $5 right on the ground. I used it to buy the grapes. © Irina Serebryakova / Facebook

Bonus: Sometimes we need to be careful with the things we find.

Once, I found a purse with money and an ID in it. It was clearly lost. I called the phone number I found there. A woman with her husband came to take it. When I gave her the wallet, she looked inside and started yelling that I had stolen $500 and if I didn’t return it, she’d call the police. I realized that she was a fraud and I was shocked. And then her husband said, “Honey, you told me you’d spent the money yesterday.” The lady gave him such an angry look! She didn’t even apologize and left. © Zaits / AdMe

What pleasant surprises have you encountered in your life? Tell us in the comment section below!


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