20+ Convincing “Yes” for Those Who Ask Themselves “Should I Get a Dog?”

4 years ago

A lot of us have probably had a time in our lives where we had to convince our parents to get us a puppy. Some of us succeeded, others — didn’t. There were all kinds of tactics — from doing chores, to constantly begging for a puppy, but they weren’t always very effective...

That is why Bright Side wants to offer a helping paw by providing you with 22 of the sweetest reasons to get a dog!

1. He is practically begging you to pet him. Who can resist?

2. How puppies tell you that you’re no longer the most adorable one in the family:

3. We doubt anyone needs more than 3 pictures to be convinced to get a puppy.

4. The best kissing booth to ever exist!

5. He graduated from the University of Good Boys

6. Road trips with your best friend!

7. The more rolls, the sweeter!

8. Before and after the photographer called him a handsome boy

9. Photogenic is an understatement!

10. Find someone who looks at you the way this dog looks at their owner.

11. Dogs have the power to make every office amazing.

12. Blu is so precious and needs to be protected at all costs.

13. She wants you to join her, she claims there is enough space.

14. The joy in his eyes knowing he finally has a home!

15. It took us only 2 seconds to fall in love, how about you?

16. One of the most adorable fluffballs we’ve seen in a while!

17. Have you ever seen a cloud with a tongue before?!

18. It doesn’t take much to make your pup happy!

19. He’s in position and ready to receive a belly rub.

20. This pup listens only 50% of the time, but he’s still a 100% good boy.

21. This pup knows how to strike a pose.

22. This dog’s curls are one of his many, many, many charms!

Are you convinced yet? We know we are! Let’s not stop there though... Do you have a puppy? Share pictures with everyone else so they can have even more reasons to get a dog!

Preview photo credit melissasmiless_ / twitter


It's love from the first side and "yes" without any hesitation. Dog is a perfect pet for almost anyone ?
I love the photos, they are so cute!

Though, you should get a dog only if you are ready take all the responsibilities for it too. It's not just a beautiful toy, after all

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