20 Designs With a Crazy Touch That Are Conquering Everyone’s Heart

4 years ago

Imagine never getting tired and frustrated while waiting in long lines again. Someone who loves comfort as much as you do designed a special bean bag attached to a jumpsuit. This is just one example of many where people decided to go for that “crazy idea” against all odds. And this bizarre stuff not only works, but it made us purr like kittens.

Bright Side is always one step ahead when it comes to unique ideas. That is why we gathered all these inventions that will make you do a double take to believe that they actually exist and can become yours with just a click.

1. No more wondering about what to wear and where to sit.

It’s not about the design here, but more about comfort, and this invention offers comfort and problem-solving and at the same time. With the Bean Bag Onesie you kill 2 birds with one stone: a comfy outfit and a cozy seat everywhere you go.

2. When you travel solo but you’d still like a warm hug to sleep on:

Mon Père — which is French and means my dad — is here to hug you (when no one else can) until you fall asleep. This weird sleeping pillow design is actually pretty comfortable and cozy.

3. Take gardening into your own hands with these monster gloves.

Garden Genie Gloves are a revolutionary design for all those handy men and women who love to work in direct contact with mother earth. The gloves have 4 ABS plastic claws attached to each hand and make digging, planting, and raking easier than ever without having to use any tools. Plus, it’s really awesome to have “monster” hands!

4. If you decide to cycle against all odds, here’s your bike.

If you are up to riding a bike while bent over, without a seat, then the Nisttarkya electric bike is going to be your new best friend. Designed by an Indian guy named Santhosh, this bike features an extremely unique riding position. Its name means “unimaginable” in Sanskrit and it actually looks like an alien bike brought to earth.

5. Save space with a rug that turns into a chair in no time.

If you are wondering if you should buy a new rug or a new chair for the living room, the YOY design company gives you a 2-in-one solution. This new product is a rug that turns into a comfortable chair just by being bent. It’s the perfect way to save both space and money.

6. A Spiderman bike is now available for sale.

CARV is a bizarre, yet impossible not to look at with astonishment, invention inspired by the way a spider walks. This is also why it’s called a walking bike. We would definitely love to give it a try.

7. Stitches without a needle are now possible.

This company found a way around having to use a needle and get stitches when you’ve cut yourself, now you can just zip it. This easy and effective way of taking care of a deep cut without needles has been the ultimate emergency solution for many since it was invented. Now you can just order a ZipStitch Laceration Kit on Amazon.

8. You can now train your face to look younger.

The No! No! company created a new way to exercise your face. With the Face Trainer, you can now look younger by following their guide and doing a simple series of exercises. It might look a bit odd, but people who’ve tried it actually liked the results.

9. Blind people can now “read” any book or document.

From a business card to a whole book, now blind people can actually read any piece of full text. A scanner for this text turns it into braille with a new powerful device that was developed in the East. The Voice Stick can also recognize letters and turn them into a voice message.

10. These grassy flip-flops are unique.

Groundwalk sandals are another unique design that will bring you closer to nature, but this time in the field of fashion. They are handmade with synthetic grass that really feels like you’re walking on real grass, barefoot — except you don’t need to water it.

11. The ability to touch the screen of your smartphone without using your hands is the new solution for any smartphone addict.

It’s really frustrating when you have your hands occupied and you really need to use your smartphone. The Finger Nose Stylus by Dominic Wilcox is the perfect solution for smartphone users with wet hands, dirty hands, who are cooking, or just anyone who wants to use their touchscreen hands-free.

12. Keep your dog dry during a rainy day.

This handy dog umbrella was invented by a young kid named Phineas, at the age of 10. A raincoat with an attached easily folding umbrella is the perfect way to keep your pet dry even during the heaviest of downpours.

13. A bench with a secret table is what our parks need right now.

Benches in Sweden are much more friend and couple friendly than anywhere in the world. The solution the country uses turns a regular bench into a bench with a folding table. There is nothing better than enjoying coffee with friends at the park and maybe a good game of chess.

14. This cupboard drips dry into the sink and it’s a kitchen’s best friend.

Imagine that you don’t have to wait until your glasses and mugs are dry to store them in the cupboards. Well now imagination meets reality, because you can actually put your dishes and glasses from the sink straight into storage with this system.

15. The Roller Buggy baby stroller-scooter combo is a parent’s new best friend.

Valentin Vodev is the inventor of this crazy, smart scooter which is also a stroller for your baby. Roller Buggy is a multi-functional baby carriage that is perfectly safe for your kid and also has 2 disk brakes that allow you to stop or reduce your speed. A great plus is that it easily folds up to fit in the car.

16. A toilet with a fresh sanitary seat cover for each use

Brill, a hygienic products company, created a revolutionary way of keeping toilets in public spaces or offices clean and sterilized with their system. A plastic cover automatically replaces the previous cover of the toilet with the simple push of a button. The best thing is that the covers are fully recyclable.

17. The EazzzY-est way of taking a picture and storing it on your PC.

EazzzY is a digital mini-camera that can take pictures in the blink of an eye. What makes it stand out from the camera-crowd though is that it’s also a USB stick. Forget memory cards, cables, or online drives. With EazzzY you can transfer the data to your computer ASAP.

18. Α gum container with small pieces of paper inside

It might look like somebody threw a pad of sticky notes in this guy’s container of gum, but actually, it’s one of the many Japanese innovations that might just blow your mind with its creativity. This Japanese gum comes with little pieces of paper inside for you to spit your gum into when you’re finished with it.

19. A comb bike rack, made in LA

The Knowhow Shop LA, a DIY workshop in California, created this uniquely designed bike rack in the shape of a comb. It’s not just useful but can also be described as public art. Tourists and locals have even been in a frenzy to take a picture in front of it.

20. A Sealander trailer that also doubles as a boat

If you are a camper, but would also love to float on a mountain lake, this new invention by Yanko Designs will make you feel pure bliss. The Sealander trailer/boat is your partner for the perfect getaway. The 13-square-foot camper trailer is light and strong and comes with a foldable roof to let you enjoy a starry summer night.

We hope you enjoyed our selection of impossible things made into real objects. Have you ever thought about creating the next big thing? If you were to be the inventor of something that already exists, what would that be? Share your thoughts and personal creative ideas in the comments.

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What is the idea behind #6? Who would buy this? It seems a bit useless to me..

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