20+ Dogs Who Can Boost Your Mood Faster Than a Rocket

2 years ago

As Tom Hardy once said, dogs are like angels — and we think the majority of our readers won’t argue with that. They truly are precious, even when they do something silly like sneak food from the table, bring animal friends to the backyard, or turn completely green from playing on freshly cut grass.

Here at Bright Side, we truly adore dogs, especially when they fool around and make us laugh.

1. I was working the night shift and the wife sent this.

2. “If I don’t see the doctor, she doesn’t exist!”

3. Small pupper, small teef...

4. The second before the word “go”

5. When your human takes you to work:

6. “Meet Sofie. If she goes outside we shut the door and she hates it. So she keeps her butt inside to prevent this while she birdwatches.”

7. “Maybe I shouldn’t have outsourced my homeschooling...”

8. “My dog never misses an opportunity to eat!”

9. This is how he sits:

10. “My dog has become liquid.”

11. “My foster pupper is overjoyed to announce his promotion to small branch manager.”

12. Just 2 orcas, keep on scrolling...

13. “Hey, Mom! Can Randy sleep over?”

14. “It’s become a yearly tradition.”

15. Looks like he has a nice set of new teeth!

16. “Cruella De Vil, Cruella De Vil. If she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will!”

17. “If I fits, I sits.”

18. “It’s hard to tell, but one of my dogs helped mow the lawn.”

19. “My dog Lilica watching me while I eat”

20. This is how she fetches the frisbee:

21. “My dad has just figured out how to use the front camera. This is the first picture he sent.”

Do you have a dog? We’d be happy to see your funny pics in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit lizardking7750 / reddit


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Haha I don't think I will ever get enough of these cute pies


These are so funny! Thanks for sharing, they just made my day ?


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