20 Earth-Shattering Photos That Can Make Your Heart Drown in Tears

3 years ago

A man holding his newborn right after having to say goodbye to his dad forever or the look on the face of grown man who just learned how to write his grandchildren’s names for the first time — these moments are captured in images filled with emotion. They show that some people really experience the tough side of life. However, most of the time, those same people might look back and realize that their journey was also filled with achievement and lots of love.

Here at Bright Side we are sure that the following 20 stories and pictures will give you a rollercoaster ride of feelings.

1. “My uncle didn’t go to school, so I am teaching him how to write and he wrote the names of his grandkids for the first time.”

2. “My sister just wrapped up her fourth shift in a row. That’s 53 hours in 4 days, without a chance to eat or drink. She forgets how to take care of herself while taking care of her patients.”

3. “My little cousin is going out to eat for the first time. She was abused by her father. We snuck her and her mom out of the house one day and brought them here to start a new life.”

4. This stray cat has chosen its owner.

5. “4 months ago, my daughters and I were staying at a shelter. It’s taken me too long to give them a decent bedroom. Despite the challenges, I’m quite happy.”

6. “This is my husband holding our newborn. He drove 8 hours to be there for her birth, after witnessing his dad loose his battle with life only 48 hours earlier.”

7. “I treated my mom terribly growing up. 3 years after my release, I hold a better job than I’ve ever had, I’ve stayed sober, and I married my best friend. My mom said she was so proud of who I had become.”

8. “I will more than likely lose my grandma tonight, but I will forever cherish this photo of my grandparents. Almost to 53 years married.”

9. “First time buying shoes in 6 years that weren’t for work. It has been a rough few years, so this was a great day for me!”

10. A mom helping her son with cerebral palsy skateboard for the first time

11. “My uncle wanted to dance his last dance. We were both crying. He’s sick and would soon lose his balance and strength. This was 5 years ago.”

12. “It’s not much, but it’s mine. After 18 years in an abusive marriage, another 9 years of living with black mold, water leaks, and being too broke to have the heat on, this is heaven.”

13. “While waiting to board our plane, my daughter was approaching everyone and saying hi. This man asked if she wanted to sit with him. They watched cartoons together and she offered him snacks. For 45 minutes.”

14. 51 years together

15. “A dog I fell in love with, in our facility that house the pets of domestic violence, finally went home with her family after 8 months in our care. Looking into her kennel is bittersweet.”

16. “Childhood was rough for me — I always said it would be different when I had my own family.”

17. Students bought their color blind teacher glasses so that he could distinguish colors.

18. “After 12 months of unemployment due to an accidental injury, I’m healthy again, have a caring boyfriend, and found a new job. This is the best day I’ve had.”

19. This is a woman’s first time signing her name to anything in months, after having stitches in her wrist from nerve surgery removed half an hour earlier.

20. A deaf dad signing ASL to his newborn daughter: “I’m daddy! I’m your daddy. You’re a beautiful girl! Green eyes. You’re cute. I love you.”

What was the most emotional moment you have ever experienced in your life?

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The photos are sad, but at the same time really sweet. I'm happy for those people!


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