20 Fantastic Creations From Nature That Really Exist

4 years ago

Can you imagine how a big a blue whale looks compared to a human? Do you know what a crocodile looks like underwater when its head is on the surface (no, it’s not horizontal in the water)? Have you ever seen a completely black lizard or a white ladybug? If your answer is “no,” look at our compilation!

Bright Side has collected photos that prove nature still has a lot to surprise us with.

1. Pitch black alligators

2. Fossilized dinosaur skin

3. The skull of a blue whale washed up to shore in Canada.

4. This 2 lb, peeled aloe vera leaf

5. “A lizard in my backyard has a tail that is growing back as a foot.”

6. “Square water patterns on my trampoline this morning”

7. This grape that looks like a pumpkin

8. The breed making its world debut in New Zealand, dubbed “the world’s cutest sheep”

9. “This tiny plant growing in my car window”

10. “Make no sudden movements...”

11. “My cat’s ombré fur”

12. A frozen wave in Lake Baikal

13. “This albino ladybug that landed on me”

14. Did you also think that crocodiles were horizontal underwater?

15. The way these roots bulged under the asphalt

16. This perfectly defined rainbow that shows up on the wall every sunny day

17. My cat’s nose and most of her markings are split down the middle.

18. Bristlecone Pine — one of the oldest living organisms is approximately 4,848 years old.

19. This pumpkin looks like a watermelon shaped like an apple.

20. This pure, black lizard

Which of these photos amazed you the most? Tell us in the comment section below.


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