20 Fortune Cookies That’ll Make You Chuckle Instead of Revealing Your Fate

3 years ago

Contrary to popular belief, fortune cookies do not have a Chinese origin. Although it’s unclear where they actually came from, they were likely made by Japanese immigrants to the United States, and popularized in California. And despite the name, the cookies don’t always tell your fortune. In fact, some contain tongue-in-cheek phrases.

We at Bright Side cracked up at the punchlines some of these fortune cookies delivered to those who opened them, and thought you’d enjoy them too.

1. “My fortune cookie’s trying to start some drama with my wife and I.”

2. Didn’t know the cookie could dish out puns instead of fortunes.

3. Diet advice from a fortune cookie

4. Sound advice, unless you already broke your leg.

5. “Just when I thought I got a good fortune.”

6. “2 fortunes in one cookie — and I’m offended.”

7. “Got the most accurate fortune cookie today.”

8. Manage your expectations.

9. Even your snack can be sarcastic.

10. Well, it’s not wrong.

11. Just telling it like it is.

12. The little food can even guilt-trip you!

13. “My fortune cookie disagreed with itself.”

14. Sometimes it’s just a dad joke.

15. Give the cookie a break!

16. Been in there too long, like a Genie in a lamp!

17. Choose your next action.

18. “Sure, rub it in.”

19. Ouch, that hurts.

20. Wishing for a fortune, but got Rick-rolled instead.

What kind of fortunes have you gotten from these cookies? Did they make you laugh or make you upset? Share your stories and pictures with us!

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I once got a cookie telling me I'd eventually lose all my hair. Thanks, I'm a fricken girl


one time I got a fortune that said "I cannot help you, I am not one of the wise cookies"


Also, i allways wanted to become or meet a famous youtuber. now i think my goal can be met one day

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