20+ Genius Designs That Are So Creative They Should Receive an Award

4 years ago

It’s incredible how these days you can find good design all around you. It is everywhere, in almost every object that surrounds us. However, there are certain designs that stand out for the level of creativity and innovation.

Bright Side collected 21 masterpieces of design with such a stunning display of creativity that they may amaze you.

1. A very peculiar building

2. Chairs with built-in-handles for backpacks and bags

3. Fall at a crosswalk

4. This is how they display headphones at an Apple store.

5. A cowboy hat that’s actually a helmet

6. A table that optimizes space

7. A bag from a LEGO store

8. Coffee table inspired by the movie Inception

9. Python made from car tires

10. The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire, Vol. I to VII

11. Classified ads in 3D

12. A sort of stove, sink, and mini-refrigerator hybrid

13. A door... poorly made?

14. “Broken” buildings

15. A bookstore’s podium

16. A double dispenser

17. The offices of a storage company

18. Free WI-FI at McDonald’s

19. Car keys in the shape of a car

20. A butcher shop’s door handle

21. A functional dock

Which of these pieces would you like to see for yourself or have at home? Have you ever found a design that deserves to be in this collection? Tell us in the comment section and share your photos with us!

Preview photo credit Lego, Lego


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