20+ Guys Who Prove That Man Caves Can Be Really Cozy

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3 years ago

A lot of people think that if a man lives alone, his apartment is full of empty pizza boxes and computer games. But this is just a stereotype that needs to go away.

We at Bright Side were really interested to look through the photos from the homes of solo men, that look as if they were designed by professionals.

“Girlfriend left and the kitchen table was hers. I had to adapt.”

“I made over my friend’s studio apartment. Here’s a before-and-after. It’s also the first time anyone asked me to design their home.”

“Chicago bachelor pad for me and the pup”

“I’ve HATED the color of my house since I bought it. This week, I got it painted! Well worth every penny!”

“I inverted the colors of my kitchen”

“Finally left an unhappy relationship. Working on finding myself and my style again.”

“7 months after the girlfriend and I split. New apartment. New life. Same dog.”

“My living room, one month after my break-up”

“My attempt at mid-century modern”

“Strived to make my little studio in Philly as comfortable as I could.”

It’s not much, but it’s honest work.

“Finally made my tiny basement room in London feel as cozy as I could.”

“Got a new plant for my cozy room. I’ve always wanted to use that green container that I’ve had forever.”

“I decided to rearrange my furniture after my fuzzy roommate and companion sadly passed away last month.”

“Bought my first apartment & redid everything. This is where I watch old movies!”

“Going through a hard breakup. Decided to redecorate and reclaim my space.”

“Finally finished my living room. Here’s a before and after picture:”

“Living room finally coming together. Need some more art now.”

“My cozy inner-city garden in Düsseldorf, Germany”

“Small space, but more than enough for me and my pup”

“My big city apartment. The city is big, not the apartment.”

Good Morning from New Zealand!

Do you think these guys managed to make their places really cozy? Which of these photos did you like the most?

Preview photo credit SuperSjefke / reddit


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Love these! I love when people have a good taste and can arrange their living spaces like this. I could never do that


Haha totally showing this to my husband. I remember when I met him. His place was a cute mess


I wish my places was a cozy as these. Definitely taking inspiration from a few haha


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