20+ High-Quality Items That Lasted Longer Than Anyone Could’ve Imagined

3 years ago

According to numerous surveys conducted in 2018, all kinds of modern appliances can present problems for their owners in the first 5 years of use. But some devices from the last century still perfectly fulfill their purpose up to the current day. The people from our article are among the lucky ones who’ve continued to enjoy their high-quality items for several decades.

Internet users decided to impress us with things that have gone through fire and water but are still completely usable. And Bright Side is sure that they’ll be passed down to the next generations.

“My parents’ microwave is 34 years old. It has outlasted 3 refrigerators, a stove, a dishwasher, and about a dozen toasters, and it still runs fine.”

“My dad bought this leather motorcycle jacket 40 years ago. I just applied some leather polish and lubricated the zippers. It made it look as good as new!”

“This mixer is over 40 years old and it belonged to my mom. My husband said that he won’t get me a new one until it dies. It seems like my grandkids will use it.”

“I’ve had this colander for 26 years. It’s lasted more than half of my life.”

“My parents bought this rabbit when I was born. I slept with it every night up to my teenage years. I’m 25 years old now.”

“My grandpa bought these Red Wind boots in 1975. I just replaced the soles and cleaned them up a bit.”

This sewing machine is almost 100 years old and it still works.

“My mom got this denim jacket in the ’80s and now this thing is mine. My mom has a similar one but with a velvet collar. I hope she’ll also give it to me one day.”

“In 1995, I spent a fortune to buy the complete set of McDonald’s Batman Forever cups. I’m still using them to this day.”

“I used this juicer to make fresh orange juice for my parents when I was a child. It’s already 51 years old and still going strong.”

“My grandma bought this armchair at an antique shop when my dad was a child. Everything except for the upholstery is original, even the horsehair filling.”

“I just found this suit from the 1940s. I love it — the fabric is nice and it literally fits like a glove.”

“This fireplace is over 130 years old and this model is out of production now. We paid $1,800 for it and the modern ones cost approximately the same.”

This Westinghouse fridge from the 1930s still works.

“I’m shocked that my aunt and then her sisters managed to keep this shirt dress in perfect condition. It’s over 50 years old but it looks like new.”

“I cook a lot and this is my favorite pan collection. I got it from my grandma. The oldest pan is 40 years old.”

“My great grandfather’s watch from the times of World War II is still ticking.”

“I’m so delighted with this quilted dressing gown. It’s about 70 years old but I feel very chic wearing it.”

“This Gillette Slim razor is 56 years old and it still shaves great. I bought it for $15 on eBay.”

“I got this blazer from my mom. I’m 27 years old and it’s older than me.”

“I cleaned up this bag from the 1960s. I’m sure that vintage clothes have way better quality than modern pieces.”

“This is a 117-year-old Peugeot coffee grinder. My parents use it to grind pepper.”

“On my wedding day, I realized that I hated my dress. So I went to the thrift store and found a perfect lace dress that was over 70 years old. It fit like a glove.”

“These Pyrex bowls are already 50 years old but it’s the only thing my wife wanted to get from her parents as a gift. We use them daily.”

“I bought this pea coat at the thrift shop for $19. It’s about 17 years old. This thing weighs a ton and feels absolutely bulletproof. This is a real quality item.”

We’re sure that our readers also have things that have served them faithfully for many years. Tell us about them, or even better, show us their pictures.

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A good old Kitchenaid! Mine has over 15 years and still works like new!
When I was young, my mom bought an Adidas track suit, 10 years later and it still looks like a new one
Knowing how much KitchenAid mixers cost, I think they need to be happy that that one still works without any problems ?

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