20 Hilarious Photos Showing That Animals Can Fall Asleep Literally Anywhere

4 years ago

Dolphins sleep with one eye open, and their offspring won’t sleep for the first 30 days after they’re born. Imagine the plight of their parents! Some animals have very strange sleeping habits. However, no matter how wild the animal is, they still manage to look cute when they’re sleeping.

At Bright Side, we had fun compiling all these pictures of animals sleeping in weird places and positions. Take a look!

1. Nobody dares to disturb her sleep.

2. This cat is feeling too hot.

3. He looks tired from traveling too much.

4. The tissue box came to the rescue!

5. While the squirrel is falling into the cup, we’re falling in love with the squirrel!

6. He chose the perfect moment to go to sleep...

7. This hedgehog is practicing being camouflaged:

8. “Sleeping with the legs up? I don’t care.”

9. Literally, bed and breakfast...

10. “She wants to act like a bookmark.”

11. Another one that’s fond of books

12. Now, that’s talent!

13. All it wants is to join you on your next boat ride!

14. The baby fox found the best spot — warm, but in the shade.

15. When you have to nap, you have to nap.

16. A surprise “aww” moment!

17. Sometimes, sleep becomes more important than your prey.

18. Papa’s boy

19. Who climbs up to this position to sleep?

20. Something fishy about those grapes?

Which picture did you find most adorable? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit unknown / imgur, unknown / imgur


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