20 Ingenious Tips From Parents Who Know How to Get Back a Few Minutes of “Me-Time”

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4 years ago

The time you spend with your children can have a great impact on their future success, a study suggests. However, babysitting at any age can be really exhausting, and we all need some “me-time” to charge up.

We at Bright Side have collected some humorous tips from Internet users on how to distract kids and have a moment to yourself.

1. “Asked her to change the ’oil’ in her toy car...”

2. “Play video games while they sleep on you.”

3. Pretend to be a mannequin — but this only works for a minute or 2!

4. Just don’t fill it with water — otherwise, it’s pretty safe to leave your kid in.


6. Collect all the weird stuff kids like to play with.


8. Take your time and don’t worry about messed walls.


10. Let them sleep wherever they like.

11. Make your workout even more productive!


13. Pretend to play hide and seek with them.

14. Use imagination when you’re too tired to feed them.

15. Have your lunch while they believe the bread is the blanket.

16. Ask the dad to babysit...they know all the secrets.


18. They need milk and you need video games — so combine them!


20. Tell them that it’s necessary to stay still in order to charge their “glow-in-the-dark pajamas”.

Do you have your own hacks to spend more time on yourself? Share your answers with us!

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Let me tell you what really helps... A doggo! ;) They become best friends and you are not even needed anymore:p


My son loves to watch TV so that my get-away from him sometimes ?


#8 is genius! I wish I knew about that before... that way my daughter wouldn't have drawn in all the walls haha


These are really good ideas for when I become a mother. Wish now I'm kind of afraid of ?


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