20 Life Habits of Extremely Rich People That Left Us Slightly Shocked

3 years ago

For most people, an extremely rich person is somebody from TV or from a news column on the internet. They imagine beautiful pictures, people living in luxurious castles, spending vacations on yachts, and dancing at the balls with the royals. However, the upper class are still the same people as we are — some of them may snore, others may wake up with puffy eyes, some have a headache or a stomachache, or they also might’ve lost their cat.

Of course, we can’t reveal the very private details of rich people’s lives, because we don’t live in the same house with them. But it’s widely known that we at Bright Side have always loved discovering something interesting. And this time, we collected stories from people who have had encounters with really wealthy people and who have something to say about them.

Attitude toward money

  • I’ve noted that well-off people are acutely aware of the value of money and often are very frugal. If they discuss money, they talk in terms of investments, not in terms of purchases. Money is invested in things that grow in value, and less money is spent on things that give you instant gratification. They also invest time teaching their kids to operate the fortune they may inherit in the future. © Liam Anderson / Quora

  • The billionaires who made a fortune by coincidence really like to show off their wealth. That’s why they might not even be considered viable business partners. As a result, you see the purchases of huge yachts and French castles. But when these billionaires try to integrate with “high” society, people often avoid them because of their lack of appreciation for subtlety. Then they learn that they need to become philanthropists if they want to be accepted. And they start throwing fortunes at the arts and charities. © Zachary Abrams / Quora
  • My parents are pretty well off. We live below our means, and my dad wears clothes from Costco. But we travel a lot. My parents travel 5 times a year, and I travel every time I have a break from medical school. Other than that, I like to buy vintage watches — some of them cost $30,000. But we keep it simple in general. We don’t even own a car, we just Uber everywhere. © NotLikely / Reddit

Appearance and behavior

  • People from the upper class are very respectful of all people, including their staff. Thanks to numerous formal events, they can make small talk with anyone. Besides, rich people aren’t picky about food — they’re always ready to try a new dish. And of course, table manners immediately show who is who at the table. © Isabelle Sylvie / Quora
  • Some people think that kissing a woman’s hand when greeting her is a sign of good manners. However, there are very strict rules for when you are allowed to do this. First, it should be in a private environment, and second, you can only greet a married lady this way. And your lips aren’t supposed to actually touch the hand. Otherwise, it is considered very tacky and rude. © Isabelle Sylvie / Quora
  • Once, a very rich acquaintance of mine was asked, “What’s the most unusual thing you’ve ever done?”. His response was, “A gentleman does not do unusual things. The best thing you can do is to not attract attention to yourself.” © Larry Strichman / Quora
  • I was friends with a guy from a very wealthy family. Once, when we were on campus, he just poured a bucket of water onto the floor to clean it. And we realized that he had no idea how to mop the floor, because a housemaid always did it for him. © fosh1zzle / Reddit


  • A successful representative of the middle-class buys ready-to-wear suits at good and expensive department stores. But the suit of a truly rich person will be tailored specifically for him. This suit will have a lining made of silk, it’ll have no monograms, and the trousers might have subtle little side-adjusters that allow them to be adapted, so a man will be able to wear this suit for many years. © Kimberley Lear / Quora
  • They favor quality over quantity. Their fashion sense is classic and timeless. They understand that good quality and neutral colors are in fashion every season. © Liam Anderson / Quora
  • I have 2 friends — Arabella who comes from generations of wealthy people, and Rachel who has become rich recently. One day, we were at a shoe shop. Arabella loved the shoes but hated the brand being so visible on the heels. She asked the salesperson to find another pair that would have this specific design, but without the name of the designer on it. And Rachel bought this pair of shoes, because it had the designer’s name on it, even though she didn’t like the design very much. When I offered to go to Starbucks, Arabella said, “I’ve never been there!” She didn’t like it there. But Rachel often goes to Starbucks, and she likes everything — she takes pictures of her drinks and posts them on her Instagram page where she writes a lot about her personal life, clothes, and food. Arabella, on the contrary, rarely posts anything on social networks. But once, I saw the pictures she has never shared anywhere. It was the photos of her in private jets, during yacht cruises, and even at a real Royal ball! © Anonymous / Quora

Education and sports

  • Rich people value certain types of sports. Not because of the sport itself, but because of the values it instills and the skills it teaches. They also pay a lot of attention to the arts and languages. Most people don’t learn languages, because it’s unlikely that they’ll ever use them. The upper class knows it’s not about the language, but about the fact that you get a key to the understanding of some cultural aspects of other people. © Liam Anderson / Quora
  • If well-off people are active in sports, the sport is likely to involve small balls (like golf or tennis) and a considerable amount of money to participate (like skiing, horseback riding, or sailing).© Steve Paul / Quora
  • My friend is pretty wealthy. His family owns restaurants, their business is successful, and they live very nicely. His parents drive BMWs, a Mercedes-Benz, and Italian sports cars. The only thing is that the kids don’t participate in this luxurious life at all. Except for Sundays and school time, they’re always at the restaurants working. © Chode36 / Reddit

  • For most middle-class families good grades and a good education are important. Rich people allow their kids to explore their curiosities, look for something new, and try different activities. They give their children an opportunity to explore their talents, so they can find a way to use them in the future. © Liam Anderson / Quora

What else they’re ready to spend money on

  • 6 months ago, I was invited to the wedding of a very rich man. This guy was poor in 2013, and he borrowed $4,300 from his parents to start his own business. Before he became financially successful, women didn’t pay a lot of attention to him. But then they started to constantly be around him, one was more beautiful than another! In the end, he fell for a fashion model, and they decided to get married. The groom gave her parents $280,000, presented his bride with Bentley, and gave her his Rolls-Royce with a personal driver, so she could show off in front of her girlfriends. The bride’s girlfriends couldn’t endure her success and quickly disappeared, so only the relatives attended the wedding. The celebration took place at a Hyatt hotel. Tables with red envelopes of different sizes, even A4, for cash gifts were placed at the entrance. The bride changed several Gucci dresses during the ceremony. But most of the guests from the groom’s side attended the wedding wearing T-shirts and sneakers. © Dr.Me / Pikabu
  • High-quality food is another area that well-off people are ready to spend money on. The upper class, as a rule, prefer a wide variety of high-quality ingredients, usually in small portions, while the lower classes tend to opt for large portions of low-quality ingredients. © Liam Anderson / Quora

Other interesting stories

  • I met a girl from a wealthy family at college. Once, I heard her asking someone for help going down a flight of 6 stairs. It turned out that her maid always helped her with that. And she has never bathed without a maid. © seeteethree / Reddit

  • I work in retail in a really rich area and I can spot a wealthy person by their clothes, the way they talk, or even the way they walk. I’m surprised by the amount of obviously rich people who steal just for the thrill of it. And I see how people, from 11 to 60 years old, just straight up shoplift. It seems like they don’t think that a $60 item has any real value. © BlatantConservative / Reddit

  • I live and work in one of the wealthiest towns in the world. My store sells luxury kitchen supplies as well as luxury food products. People don’t even try to hide shoplifting, it’s like they don’t understand that it isn’t allowed. They just randomly open a package of food that costs $500 and eat half of it. They break fine glassware or china. They steal pieces of silver flatware. I have given up trying to hold them accountable because you won’t win. Every time I’ve tried to do it, I receive calls from our corporation telling me to drop it and trying to make it up to me with gifts. It doesn’t help that half of the city knows the owners of the shop. © Shinotochi / Reddit

  • My mother worked for a family that owns the companies that make medical equipment. These people would often invite us to their house, and I was friends with their kids. In their rooms, they had piñatas filled with sweets, not because it was a holiday, but just because they wanted it. Some rooms in their mansion were meant only for celebrating kids’ birthdays. And when I visited them, we’d drive together down the hallways, and I would be driving my own Corvette they bought for me. Later, when I went to college, they gave me another present — they paid off my tuition for the first year. My mom didn’t tell them that I got accepted. They just knew. © fosh1zzle / Reddit

Have you met any rich people? Do you know about any interesting features of their lives?

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