20 Lucky People Who Bumped Into a Miracle When They Least Expected It

3 years ago

A sunflower with lips ready to kiss you, a ghost in a bottle of water, or veins that say, “Hi!” It all may sound somewhat exotic, but this is what a few lucky people managed to catch on camera on otherwise ordinary days. Keep your cameras ready at all times because you may become the next person who wants to surprise us with a little wonder.

Here at Bright Side, we’re a bit jealous of these 20 Reddit users who got to see some truly mesmerizing things around them and didn’t hesitate to take a shot and share their discoveries with all of us.

1. “This cat has a paw print on its back.”

2. “My veins say, ’Hi!’”

3. This sunflower has lips.

4. “This picture I took of my daughter holding praying mantis babies looks badly Photoshopped.”

5. This tomato looks like a duckling.

6. “This cactus evaporated, leaving an intact “exoskeleton.”

7. “The water spilled in such a way that it looks like the glass is levitating.”

8. “This purple carrot looks like it’s ready to listen to your troubles.”

9. “Dirt and ash don’t stick to my scar.”

10. “The sun cast a perfect shadow of our car onto the sugar cane field.”

11. This strawberry boasts the perfect heart shape.

12. “The color of my kitten’s foot is split down the middle.”

13. This is a two-toned apple someone was lucky enough to eat.

14. “This gravity-defying tree my brother saw”

15. There’s an “ice ghost” inside this water bottle.

16. The light shining through this egg makes it look like the moon.

17. “This pumpkin looks like a watermelon shaped like an apple.”

18. “These rainbows made by the sun reflecting off of my aluminum blinds in the morning”

19. “This rock looks like a half-eaten potato.”

20. “This cloud I saw that looks like a bear”

When was the last time you saw something that made you shout, “Wow!”? Did you manage to take a photo of the thing that amazed you? Share the pictures of the miracles you’ve caught on camera in the comments!


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In pic 9 the dust doesn't stick to the scar because of the absence of sweat glands and hair follicles on the scar tissue.


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