20 Objects That Look Borrowed From a Parallel Universe

2 years ago

The universe has selected the most creative people to see things differently compared to the majority.
Our reactions to objects and situations from this list may range from a burst of laughter to an unsettled feeling. It’s great that there are so many people who don’t care about what is considered normal because a world without them would be quite boring.

We at Bright Side were impressed by these 20 peculiarities of human creations that sometimes border on absurdity.

1. “Bread flavored soda — it tasted like bread.”

2. “This couch I made out of a bathtub”

3. “This little door I found in the trunk of a tree while walking”

4. “I think there’s a glitch in the matrix.”

5. “Is this right?”

6. “Found one in the wild. Even talked to him.”

7. What a paw-some car!

8. “Don’t tell me what to do!”

9. “Shopping in a Walmart and this man has a live opossum on his shoulder.”

10. Diesel, coffee...and what’s your petrol?

11. “I work in the building with the longest hallway in America.”

12. “I’m sorry...what?”

13. “I present to you, a single slice of bread wrapped in plastic.”

14. “This bathroom at a museum of optical illusions in New Zealand”

15. If only there was another way to cut the door so the knob wouldn’t be so low.

16. “Thinking of an ’I’ animal was too hard.”

17. “Put the signs on the fuel pumps, boss!”

18. “This sudoku book has a mistake on the cover.”

19. “I look like a man at the local museum.”

20. “Don’t get sucked in.”

Have you ever seen something that made you look twice in amazement? What was it?

Preview photo credit ProxyAttackOnline / reddit


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