20+ Ordinary Things That Rich People Have No Idea About

3 years ago

There were, are, and will be rich and poor people in every country. And the difference in the mentality, everyday life, and motivation of these types of people continue to be a source for different jokes and funny stories.

At Bright Side, we found funny observations of misunderstandings between people that have different levels of income. It turns out that even simple and ordinary things can bewilder rich people, and we’d like to share some curious examples of such situations.

  • A bunch of basins for handwashing clothes in the bathtub © madeto-stray / Reddit
  • Several almost worn-out pairs of cheap shoes © costabius / Reddit
  • The drawer where you put the bills you have to pay but don’t need to pay immediately to live. The drawer is only emptied after it won’t close anymore because 16 duplicates have been received and the said bill is no closer to getting paid. © prettychickenfinger / Reddit
  • Back when I was a kid, we changed the channel on the TV with needle-nose pliers. One kid would change the channel while the other (usually me) went outside, whatever the weather, to turn the antenna until the channel came in. Then my dad would decide to go back to the other show and we’d repeat the process. © rebel1031 / Reddit
  • There was a scene from Family Guy where Carter Pewterschmidt (Lois’s rich dad) visits their house. When he walks in, he says, “Oh, I forgot you were poor so your front door opens directly into your living room.” I felt that. © JK_NC / Reddit

  • A junk drawer that’s full of things that are almost garbage but could still be useful one day, like almost-used-up pens, almost-dead batteries, plastic bags, the last of the tape, a pair of scissors with half its handle broken off, a broken ruler, pencil sharpeners, old needles and old spools of thread you won’t remember you even have when you need some (you’ll just go out and buy some more), countless paperclips, those paper binder things too, ear wax sticks for some reason, random cotton balls and bandages, rubber bands, and single keys you have no clue open what... © xisnotx / Reddit

  • I had a CEO once who didn’t know how to make coffee. The machine was foreign to him because he’d always had assistants make it or buy it. I learned that in the break room one day after watching him not know where to pour the water or change out the filter. I quit not long after. © LiquidMotion / Reddit
  • Growing up, I befriended a guy who went to private school and had a Porsche at 16. Anyway, he came to my house one day and I decided to make us some grilled cheese, so I pulled out a block of Velveeta and a cheese slicer. This kid lost his mind about it. First, was the exclamation, “What the h*** is that?!” This was followed by my explanation, and then I showed him how to use it. The dude ended up slicing the entire brick of Velveeta. © w*****yandhappy / Reddit
  • My mom used to save the remainders of soap bars, and when she had enough of them, she’d somehow fuse them together to make a whole “new” bar. It was pink or blue or some other hue, and it was pretty. I looked forward to the new-to-us bars of soap. © summermadnes / Reddit
  • One illustrative story comes to mind. We moved when I was in high school, as my father was transferred to a big city due to his service. I got lucky and I started to attend a “prestigious” school, despite the fact that it was far from our new home. My classmates mostly came from wealthy families and appeared unapproachable at first. However, I quickly made new friends and met this guy whose parents were wealthy lawyers. There was even one time when I invited him for a sleepover since we lived so far apart from one another. In the morning, my father was supposed to take us to school, but he was unexpectedly called for work earlier than usual so we had no choice but to take the bus. “What do you mean take the bus? The last time I went on the bus was like 10 years ago. Doesn’t your mom have a car?” He was surprised to find out that we had only one car for the whole family. However, we’re still friends. © Afraid-Theory1766 / Reddit
  • Diluted dishwashing soap that doubles as hand-washing soap © dawnangel89 / Reddit

  • A living room and a dining room being one room, and that room then turns into a bedroom at night. © -acidlean- / Reddit
  • Empty plastic water bottles that you can refill and reuse © cerritoalicia / Reddit

  • A lot of unfinished “renovations” © tuscabam / Reddit
  • All these plates and cups that don’t match, cutlery from 10 different sets, 1 random exclusive fork, and a random cool-looking spoon or a knife © veveks / Reddit

  • kitchen! I know it sounds ridiculous, but when I was in college (many years ago) I shared a university-owned apartment with a guy who had come to study from Saudi Arabia. He came from a very wealthy family, and I had to teach him how to make toast because he’d never used anything (stove, oven, etc.) before and had no idea where cooked food even came from other than the fact that it was delivered to him by one of their household servants. © Saiing / Reddit

  • This reminds me of something my dad once told me: “There was this boy who had to write an essay at school about how the poor live. He wrote, ’There was this family that was really, really poor: the gardener was poor, the chauffeur was poor, the butler was poor, the housekeeper was poor, the pool boy was poor...’” © gansi_m / Reddit

We’re sure that some of these situations or objects are familiar to you. We’d be happy if you shared your experiences that could surprise or even shock rich people.

Preview photo credit w*****yandhappy / Reddit


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I laughed a bit at all of them because I tried to picture a rich person thinking about them.. can you imagine someone using a gucci shirt as cleaning tools


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