20 Owners Who Didn’t Recognize Their Pets After Grooming

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Going to a barber can sometimes seem more like playing the lottery, not to mention going to a pet groomer. You never really know if you will get a beautiful pet back or regret even going there in the first place. But some people from this compilation decided they could do better than a professional and didn’t realize they were wrong until it was already too late.

We at Bright Side keep wondering what these pets would say about their looks if they could talk. Would they be satisfied with the work of their groomers or would they ask them to not post these pictures on Internet?

This dog looks like the fifth Beatles member.

“Went to the groomer today and he decided to do this.”

When your hair doesn’t look like what you had in mind:

“Groomers are all closed and the dog needs a trim!”

“My dad’s been a vet for 30 years. Because of that, he thinks he’s qualified to do grooming. I feel bad for her.”

You have to make sure the groomer understands what you want.

At least the puppy can see now.

“My mom, who has never had any training, thought she could trim the cat.”

We can’t believe this is the same dog.

“I picked my dog up from the groomers and busted out laughing.”

“The groomer apparently didn’t understand my request ‘to cut the top and trim the paws’ very well and gave him this monstrosity of a haircut.”

New sweater, new haircut!

“Tubbs likes the haircut I gave him... I think.”

“I wouldn’t leave any shoes on the ground tonight, if I were his owner.”

Even Prince Charming would be jealous.

Enough for an entire wig

“I fired my groomer today.”
“I’d have given him a raise.”

He’s coming up with his revenge plan.

New haircut, same smile.

“He just looks sad. Deep down, he’s happy.”

“My little teethy got a haircut.”

Do you have photos of your pets before and after their haircuts?

Preview photo credit phoriaa / Reddit


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