20 People Shared Surprises They Definitely Weren’t Ready For

3 years ago

The moment we think there’s nothing left in the world with the power to amaze us, we end up discovering something we least expected. That’s the moment when a boring chore becomes a treasure hunt and we sure are astounded by our findings. Well, imagine finding a nest in your shoe or even getting startled by a hidden frog in your garden.

We at Bright Side created a collection of finds from people with discoveries they never thought they’d uncover.

1. “My scale has a printout of the Moomins underneath the plastic.”

2. “A mushroom growing out of my car door”

3. Black squirrel with a blonde tail

4. “My sister heard buzzing behind her bedroom wall and was surprised to find this on the other side.”

5. “I found this little guy in my basil harvest. Gave me quite a startle at first.”

6. An arrow pointing to the center of the tree

7. “Attic find of the day: a Dominos coupon that expired in 1999”

8. Someone opened a spaghetti noodles box and found this...

9. “I own a LEGO piece that’s so old, it depicts a rotary phone.”

10. “The smallest maple tree leaf I’ve ever seen”

11. Someone woke up and was surprised by a swan.

12. “A nice wren couple moved into a hiking boot in my parents’ garage, and today their family grew by 5!”

13. “Found an old bag of potatoes behind the washing machine...and it turned into an alien with 3-foot roots!”

14. “I ordered a used copy of a book on Amazon and it’s signed by the author!”

15. Old school soda cans found in a school’s ceiling

16. “I was fixing my dryer and found these perfectly round lint balls inside.”

17. “I found this tiny book while cleaning out my grandfather’s house.”

18. “Went to start the grill for the first time this season and stumbled upon a squirrel’s cache.”

19. “My great-grandfather’s traveling permit”

20. A nest inside an MX helmet

Have you ever found something that left you scratching your head? Do you have a photo you can share with all of us?

Preview photo credit nofluxgivenn / reddit


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Aw... some of those photos bring up so many childhood memories :) Those fanta and sprite cans... :))


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