20 People Shared the Things They Made With Their Hands, and the Awesomeness Level Is Off the Charts

2 years ago

Each of us has a special talent. For example, some lucky ones are born with a beautiful voice and become recognized as award-winning singers. Others have a special talent for sports, and some people can become experts at creating amazing things with their own hands. We’ll focus on this last group in this article, on the talented artisans who can take just about any object, apply their magical ability to it, and turn it into something wonderful.

Bright Side wants to applaud those who dare to create things with their hands. So we put together a list of 20 fascinating objects that some Reddit users proudly made.

1. “My mother-in-law made this blanket by hand for my kids! The score and time are their birthdays!”

2. “I’m a ceramicist, and I hope handmade mugs are welcome here!”

3. “I made this tri-pendant sterling silver chain necklace — I call it ’Sterling Colors’”

4. “Sitting bear, Rex (me), and metal, 2021”

5. “A remodeled bedroom — I did it myself as a fun little hobby. First time trying my hand at a modern style of interior design. Before and after!”

6. “My new Bluetooth speaker needed a stand. I made it into a pig.”

7. “We turned our son’s race car bed into a pirate ship.”

8. “This is a backpack that I created from scratch! What do you think?”

9. “Still needs a little more work, but I built my first guitar!”

10. “A close up of a bird I hand-embroidered this week! It’s a Trogon caligatus, which is native to Central America.”

11. “A diamond engagement ring I made entirely on my own”

12. “I made a pair of boots for my partner.”

13. “I built a cat tower that fits in a corner.”

14. “My mom made this ’Lindor’ chocolate wrapper dress for my senior prom (which got canceled)!”

15. “I enjoy carving stones in my spare time...”

16. “Our raised and fully enclosed DIY vegetable garden built by my incredibly talented husband!”

17. “My grandma made a handmade baby Yoda doll since my baby lost hers recently.”

18. “Some shorts I tie-dyed”

19. “I made an elvish leaf armlet with coated copper wire and gemstone beads.”

20. “My mom handmade this little bunny doll for our baby girl. The overalls are made from one of my late grandma’s shirts. The most meaningful gift we’ve received so far!”

Do you consider yourself skilled with your hands? We want to see your creations!

Preview photo credit PumpkinStunning / Reddit


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