20+ People Who Achieved Perfection When Organizing Their Stuff

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3 years ago

Cleaning takes a lot of time in our lives. Some people clean their home once a week, dedicating an entire day to it, while others have figured out how to keep it in order all the time. You just need to organize your stuff in a certain way. For example, towels and T-shirts should be stored rolled, plates should be stored vertically and not stacked. By the way, even similar hangers can play a big role in creating order and comfort in your home.

Internet users shared how they organize their everyday items while we, at Bright Side, have adopted most of these life hacks.

“My sister asked for help with her linen closet and I think we did a great job (even with her wanting to keep a little too much).”

“I opened these drawers at work to grab something and found that one of my team members had organized it.”

“Finally I got all matching hangers.”

Functional and beautiful

“The yarn corner in my craft room is my happy place.”

Rolling your T-shirts is the best way to save room and see everything you have.

“My wife wanted a custom pantry so I built her one.”

“My 7-year-old son does this every time he cleans up.”

Keeping plates vertically is much more convenient.

“My spices!”

The desk of man whose hobby is mini-painting

“Linen closet! Purged and organized!”

“Under the sink win!”

Curtain poles are miracle workers!

“This saves so much time hunting for a pair!”

An armrest can be a nice storage space for small items.

Glue magnets to the cupboard doors, and your scissors and tweezers will never get lost.

“My vertical tea station”

“I’m an art teacher and I moved to a new school this past summer. The previous teacher didn’t share my love of organization. Behold the before and after of my paper closet!”

“I recently discovered the versatility of foam core and created these custom dividers!”

“My mom’s craft cabinet and workspace”

That’s how you can store garden tools.

“I just folded all my plastic bags into squares.”

The wardrobe in my bedroom before and after the KonMari Method

How often do you organize your home? Will you adopt some of the methods shown in this article? Tell us in the comments below.

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