20+ People Who Bought a Ticket to an Endless Show When They Got Themselves a Cat

3 years ago

Some cats are the cutest furballs gently purring on your lap, while others simply can’t spend a minute without putting on a show: Looking down on you because they desperately want another bunch of treats or acting in the craziest way all of a sudden — whatever your naughty kitty does, the best part of these shows is that you always have a front row seat.

Here at Bright Side, we want you to meet these 20 naughty cats who didn’t miss their chance to steal the show, and we hope you can enlarge our collection with some pics of your pets.

1. Her water bowl is full at all times.

2. “I think there is something under my sofa.”

3. “He either missed me or wants food.”

4. “Tried to get proof that my cat can jump up to head height when chasing his toy. Didn’t expect the intense mid-air crunches.”

5. No remorse

6. “I’m cat-sitting this guy and I think he’s broken.”

7. To be or not to be, that is the question.

8. “6 years later, still clueless.”

9. I’ve got no idea who did this.

10. “My cats always do this — sunbathing and/or worshiping the lamp.”

11. If you ever notice that your plants are not growing, this could be the reason...

12. “Mine and the neighbors’ cat are going to be good buddies, I can tell.”

13. “The only option left is to give pats.”

14. “All that effort just to chew my lampshade...”

15. “I wasn’t eating it, I swear.”

16. Spider-Cat, caught in the act

17. “Eating is their favorite part of the day.”

18. “The second I turn off the shower”

19. “She looks like she realized she forgot to turn the stove off.”

20. “My cat’s face when he spots the cat food delivery”

21. “My cat turned 3. She was not impressed with the celebrations.”

Do your pets ever act in a strange way? If they do, we hope you have a couple of funny shots to show us in the comments!

Preview photo credit tangledbrain7 / Reddit


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cats ahahah The one with the happy birthday hut at the end.... so happy... not! :p


The cat on his back on the chair looks like he's wearing a white bikini


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