20+ People Who Bought Cool Gifts for Their Pets but Weren’t Ready for Their Reaction

3 years ago

People spend a lot of money to make their pets’ lives better, more comfortable, and more fun. But no one is safe from a situation where the seller sends the wrong product, a cat refuses to appreciate their new bed, or a dog decides to use their house for a different purpose.

We at Bright Side made mistakes more than once when buying new clothes for our favorite pets, but we weren’t ready for a lot of things that happened to the people from our compilation. Do you know what can happen if you leave your cat alone with a video camera? The answer is waiting for you at the end of the article.

When you try to do something nice for your dog.

“So glad I bought my cat a window hammock.”

“— Ordered an automatic dog ball launcher but got a tennis ball instead.
— You’re the ball launcher now.”

So much work and everything went down the drain.

When you got inside a shark and became sad for some reason:

Oops, this was supposed to be a gift for a dog.

Cover caption, “Cat-Hater’s Handbook”

“Nice bed, but I certainly won’t sleep in it.”

Well, at least the expression of joy on their face is the same.

Dogs aren’t picky in general.

Just take it off and nobody gets hurt!

Real-life is very different from the ad.

Of course I would like the toy to be a little larger. Like 2 times larger, for example.

There is whole grain cat food, and there is whole lump cat food.

“New sofa? No, we haven’t seen it.”

“I have 2 cat trees and cat beds all over the place, but my cat would rather sleep in our fake tree.”

And what’s he gonna do with all this now?

Cat, over easy

“I bought an XL banana bed and thought the cat would look cute lying in it. But here’s what he does instead.”

He got offended because there is only one bedside table, and not 2, as he expected.

“Ever since we started using an automatic feeder, my cat sits in front of it like this for hours waiting for it to feed her.”

Do you think he is happy or angry?

“I bought my indoor cat a square of grass, and I think I broke his brain. He’s been staring at it like this for 20 minutes.”

I bet you’ll never be able to figure out who stole all the catnip.

Bonus: A cat and a video camera

A man left his house for a while and, in order to miss his cats less, he video called them every evening. But once, for some reason, he didn’t call, and one of the cats devotedly sat in front of the camera all night.

The moral of this story is simple — don’t make those who love you wait. And think carefully before teaching your pets how to use gadgets. What would it be like for a cat if her owner taught her to text, and on one terrible day, they didn’t reply to a message from her?

Do you pamper your pets and buy them clothes, houses, or different snacks? How do your 4-legged friends react to their new things? Tell us, or better yet, show us in the comments.


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