20 People Who Can’t Live Without Their Pets

3 years ago

When we adopt a pet, they become a true friend, a companion, and a partner that is ready to help us at any time. These adorable creatures love their owners and can’t imagine their lives without them. We are pretty sure that your pets do the same.

Bright Side has collected pets that are ready to do anything just to always be with their owners.

This guy loves a good adventure.

The first car ride home!

This little girl and her Doberman do everything together: from sleeping to painting their nails!

“He’s always loved sitting like this.”

My wife texted me saying, “He won’t leave me alone.”

Helping carry the groceries

“Happy Adoption Day!”

“I’m all for non-lethal weapons, but do they need to be so cute?”

“When he picks you up and says he already ate.”

My dad has been widowed almost 5 years. Today he adopted a new furry companion.

“I have a helper in the garage today.”

My sister-in-law has a new bunny.

Dog-smile in front of a pink lake

“My dog likes to hug my arm as I pet him.”

“My fur-babies admiring their new human.”

“My favorite camping buddy.”

Finnish police forces just got a new trainee.

A family siesta

“He didn’t care much for the view but he sure had a good time.”

“My best friend in the world. Us in Afghanistan and the day I got to bring him home forever.”

Do your pets share your hobbies? Do they like being around you?


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