20 People Who Changed Their Gender and Never Regretted It

3 years ago

Everyone has the right to be happy in life, even if it means changing your own gender. That’s likely because nothing in life is worthwhile if you don’t feel good in your own skin. And this has been proven time and time again by brave people who were willing to go through dramatic, drastic changes without ever looking back.

Bright Side is all for finding happiness in life, and we believe the following 20 before-and-after images will show you that being truly content with yourself is the most important thing.

1. “This is 2 years after hormone replacement therapy, male to female (MTF). Freedom!”

2. “It gets better. This is 21 months of hormone replacement therapy (HRT).”

3. “25 months on estrogen :)”

4. “Never been this happy in my life or felt more true than I am feeling now! My name is Kris and I’m 30 years old.”

5. “I’ve been on hormone replacement therapy 11 months as of today!”

6. “Male-to-female after 8 months with HRT — it’s crazy how hard it was to find decent pre-transition pictures!”

7. “18 months on hormone replacement therapy (30 years old)”

8. “I’ve come a long way. Popping in to say hi after taking a break from here. 2014 vs 2018.”

9. “26 MTF, 2 months HRT”

10. “It will be 16 months HRT at the end of this month (31, MTF).”

11. “Pre-HRT (2014) and 5.5 months HRT (2018) — pretty happy with the glow up!”

12. “I can honestly say transitioning saved my life (age 18 to 21).”

13. “Age 19, MTF — I finally made it to my one year on hormones (I’m a week late but that’s okay)!”

14. “Coming up on 2 years of HRT — proud of my progress.”

15. “Getting dangerously close to ’stole my boyfriend’s hoodie’ territory...”

16. “2 years ago vs 17 months of HRT, MTF”

17. “Still a gamer, still wearing this dressing gown, but a little bit cuter 😎 ( 30 months on HRT )”

18. “2018 vs 2019 — before and after (FTM)”

19. “Taking selfies at the beach, 2018 vs 2020”

20. “My transition timeline, 2010 to 2015”

Which of these gender changes struck you the most? Have you undergone a similar change in your life? Tell us all about it in the comments below.

Preview photo credit Dial-A-Song / Reddit


why do so many noses look completely different?? i dont think that changes with hormones

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