20 People Who Deserve the Worst Roommate of the Year Award

2 years ago

When we are at home, what we are looking for is a space to be calm and without much stress, but for some people that can be a little difficult to achieve. If living with your family is sometimes chaotic, imagine what it’s like for those who have had to share their home with distant relatives or even strangers.

Bright Side found stories that might make you thankful you don’t have to live with roomies who have quirky habits like these.

1. “I live with 2 grown men. Just tell me why.”

2. “I didn’t know this was a problem growing up in a house with 3 men and a mother. Now that I live in a house with 3 women.....”

3. “I live with monsters.”

4. “My in-laws (who live with us) leave a trail of open cabinets, doors, windows, food containers, you name it, in their wake.”

5. This had to be planned... but why?

6. “Roommate decided it was a good idea to put an incense cone on the lid of my telescope. Went right through and landed on the mirror.”

7. “It’s a small thing, but really? I spent so long cleaning this kitchen. :(”

8. “Y’all wanna see my ex-roommates air fryer?”

9. “Caught my roommate making a ’cheese wrapped pickle.’”

10. “Roommate knocked over my $1,000 bike that was on a kickstand in the garage and just kept driving over it.”

11. “Roommate and her boyfriend left this for us after making 3 AM chili. Thanks! All of the dishes were previously clean.”

12. “Roommate used my favorite turtleneck as a BBQ rag last night.”

13. “Not even the worst it’s been. Just annoying because I cleaned the stove last night before bed and woke up to this.”

14. “Roomy just moved in. No prior relationship. Day one and all he’s unpacked is this. Making me a little skeptical... do I address it?”

15. “My roommate throws all of his garbage in a corner because he wants to ’recycle it’ later.”

16. “My new roommate takes eggs out at random.”

17. “This is my roommate’s aquarium filter. It smells worse than it looks.”

18. “I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that my dishwasher sucks or the fact that my roommate of 3 years still refuses to rinse his stuff before putting it in the dishwasher (all of these came out of the same load of ‘clean’ dishes).”

19. “Went in here to flip a breaker and really wish I hadn’t. I can’t wait to get away from this house and this roommate. I can smell it from the hallway now.”

20. “I’m living with monsters.”

Have you gone through things similar to these? What is the funniest or strangest thing you have ever experienced with a roommate?

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